Stop Turning a Blind Eye to the Destruction of the Amazon

Target: Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil

Goal: Enforce fines against organizations destroying the Amazon Rainforest.

The devastation of the Amazon Rainforest is not the work of one individual; it is the work of hundreds of businesses and corporations left unchecked by Brazil’s federal government. New reports indicate that fines lobbied against the organizations responsible have gone unenforced for over six months. Demand that the government of Brazil stop turning a blind eye to the devastation and destruction of the Amazon Rainforest.

Human Rights Watch reports that Brazil’s government has not enforced fines against businesses or corporations clearing land in the Amazon since at least October 2019. The government’s own data supports this claim. Illegal logging, mining, and burning have gone unchecked as hearings have been postponed indefinitely.

During this time, deforestation in the Amazon has increased by over 50 percent compared to this same time period last year. The government must step up and hold the organizations accountable for their actions. To lose the Amazon would be a tragedy. Sign the petition to demand that Brazil’s government start enforcing fines that will end deforestation.


Dear President Bolsonaro,

For well over six months, your government has let the deforestation of the Amazon go unchecked. Corporations involved in logging, mining, burning, and other methods of land clearing have not been forced to pay the fines they have been charged with for this illegal activity. Instead, they have been allowed to continue their reprehensible practices. Deforestation in the Amazon has increased by over 50 percent as a result.

Your government made a promise to its people to protect the Amazon. You are failing your citizens and the planet as a whole. Stop turning a blind eye to deforestation. Protect the Amazon. Enforce your fines.


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Photo Credit: Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon

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  1. We must take action now!! It’s almost to late! This is so important that these forest are saved!! We must stop the deforestation for our plant and more importantly for the helpless animals who homes you taking from them! This must stop!! Less meat eating now!! Please save our planet and stop ignoring this very important issue!!
    I chose orangutans over eating meat and palm oil any day!! Change now is a must!!

  2. Bina Pannell says:

    I think the problem here is that Bolsonaro is in cahoots with these organisations. Big businesses throughout the world line the pockets of government to get what they want, special concessions yada yada yada. Bolsonaro is a right wing, climate change denier, not dissimilar to Trump. I would bet he sees the Amazon as a waste of space, not as the lungs of this planet.

  3. Jose Espino says:

    One of the main rain forest on earth needed for oxygen and rain. They found oil and minerals and these prostitutes are just in a feeding frenzy. Hey assholes is the world air and water you’re messing with.

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP DESTROYING THE AMAZON RAINFOREST. This forest system is VITALLY important to the health of our PLANET. It sustains life, produces oxygen, and is home to indigenous people, thousands of unique and irreplaceable plants and animals. What your government is doing, President Bolsonaro, is a CRIME AGAINST NATURE, nothing less. The world is watching in horror and we will not look away.

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