Stop Deadly Downplaying of Coronavirus Death Toll

Target: Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela

Goal: Release accurate coronavirus death toll in Venezuela so that the health crisis can be properly addressed.

The coronavirus death toll in Venezuela is dramatically underestimated, according to Human Rights Watch activists. The country has reported 1,121 cases and only ten deaths, despite conditions indicating otherwise. An effective response cannot be determined without accurate numbers and people will continue to suffer and die in this deadly pandemic until the government embraces transparency.

Given that Venezuela already had a collapsed health system before the pandemic, it is likely that these numbers do not accurately reflect Covid-19 cases and deaths. Research showed that before the coronavirus, one-third of hospitals had no water supply and two-thirds had only intermittent supply. Kathleen Page, a physician from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said she interviewed Venezuelan health professionals that “indicated that even when they see confirmed cases of Covid-19 they are not being reported in epidemiological reports.”

José Miguel Vivanco, the Americas director at Human Rights Watch, said, “We believe the figures and the statistics that the Venezuelan government is providing- Maduro’s statistics- are absolutely absurd and are not credible.” Without the reporting of Covid-19 cases, it will be very difficult to understand the scope of the health crisis in Venezuela. Sign below to demand President Maduro require the reporting of Covid-19 cases and release accurate statistics in order to adequately respond to the coronavirus crisis.


Dear President Maduro,

It is likely that the coronavirus statistics you have released are largely underestimated, especially given your struggling health system. Many citizens could be contracting the virus without it being reported and it will continue its deadly spread until an effective response can be put into place.

Accurate reporting is essential to understanding and properly responding to Covid-19. I demand that you require the reporting of coronavirus cases and release accurate numbers in order to sufficiently address your country’s health crisis.


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  1. D. Aguiar says:

    Down with the despicable ‘dictator’ – he is a liar, assassin, thief, scoundrel, exploiting Venezuelans for years and no one has had the guts to shoot him so far!

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