Recruit Sniffer Dogs to Test for COVID-19 in Airports

Target: Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health

Goal: Fund canine research that could bolster COVID-19 testing possibilities.

Man’s best friend could play a heroic role in mankind’s fight against COVID-19. Researchers in the United Kingdom (UK), backed by the UK government, are conducting a trial that assesses the ability of airport sniffer dogs to detect the dangerous virus in humans. If this promising trial yields results, the dogs could serve as living tests for hundreds of airport passengers in just a few hours’ time. With increased emphasis on this potential breakthrough in other countries, the possibilities for better testing could rise exponentially.

Because many illnesses can cause changes in body odor, dogs (who have a much stronger sense of smell than humans) can pick up on these often-slight odor changes. For this reason, canines have become an important source of study in medical research for diseases ranging from cancer to Parkinson’s Disease. In the case of COVID-19, researchers believe these dogs could even identify traces of the disease in people who have no apparent symptoms. Such asymptomatic carriers could be unknowing super-spreaders, so pinpointing these individuals before they enter a crowded location could be crucial in curbing another massive outbreak.

Sign the petition below to urge the United States to join in researching this potential game-changer in the fight against coronavirus.


Dear Mr. Collins,

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with full backing and support from the UK government, are conducting an important trial that could lead to a unique but effective means of testing for COVID-19. This trial will focus on the capabilities of airport sniffer dogs to detect not only illegal goods but deadly illness. The potential for canines with a highly developed sense of smell to detect diseases has been a long-standing source of scientific intrigue. With the arrival of a global pandemic, this novel research could truly evolve into a life-saving initiative.

In an airport alone, these dogs could “test” an estimated 250 individuals in just one hour. Better still, the dogs could identify the subtle body odor alterations associated with illnesses before traditional symptoms ever appear. Imagine the possibilities if this research could be applied on a broader level beyond airports.

This effort could save the lives of so many people around the world. I demand that you sponsor a trial in America that would explore the deployment of canine sniffers in COVID-19 testing.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Bryant Animal

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  1. No! No! No! Do NOT endanger dogs! This shit is mutating & has indicated to be ZOONOTIC

    Stupid idea.The person who thought of this ridiculous idea is a moron who obviously dislikes dogs.

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