Stop Hunting Endangered Shorebirds on Migration

Target: Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China

Goal: Stop hunting of endangered shorebirds along China river delta.

China’s Yangtze River delta is one of three prime hunting spots for endangered shorebirds. Thousands of birds are killed by hunters each year, including the critically endangered far eastern curlew and the great knot. While this hunting has been going on for decades, the extent of the damage has only recently been revealed.

We cannot let this continue. Too many bird species have been in serious danger over the past decade due to various factors, from climate change to pollution to hunting. These birds are flying to specific locations solely to breed; not only are the adults being killed, but a chance at keeping individual species strong with the birth of offspring is shot down as well. This could lead to many extinctions very quickly.

These birds deserve better than to be shot from the skies as they migrate. Sign this petition to outlaw hunting along the Yangtze River’s delta immediately.


Dear Minister Li,

Thousands of migrating shorebirds are killed every year by hunters on the Yangtze River delta, including several endangered species such as the far eastern curlew. Not only are the adult birds losing their lives, but the hunting interrupts their breeding journeys, resulting in no offspring to take their places and keep the species stable.

You must put a stop to this immediately. Birds across the globe have been threatened far too much in recent years, by everything from pollution to climate change to hunters. If this keeps up, we could be seeing many extinctions in the near future. Outlaw the hunting of migrating birds immediately, so that the endangered among them can recover their numbers and thrive.


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Photo Credit: Aviceda


  1. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunters.

  2. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunters! An eye for an eye!

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