Chicken Allegedly Shot With Speargun Deserves Justice

Target: Honolulu City and County Prosecuting Attorney Keith M. Kaneshiro

Goal: Give man strictest legal penalty for shooting wild chicken and require him and his acquaintance to spend maximum time behind bars for breaking emergency quarantine order if they are found guilty.

Artyon Zhiryada was arrested for allegedly shooting a feral chicken with a speargun and for further violating the 14-day mandatory quarantine order set in place for people who travel to Hawaii. Police learned about the alleged incident involving the chicken after a video was seen by residents on social media. Dan Vlasenko was also arrested along with Zhiryada for violating the COVID-19 quarantine order. Both men need to get the severest punishment under law if they are found guilty of these crimes so that they will be less likely to put more animals and people in danger.

According to authorities, neither individual spent any time in quarantine, but instead had been posting their whereabouts on various social media sites since they arrived last Saturday in Honolulu. The chicken that Zhiryada reportedly shot likely felt a great amount of pain as a result. Additionally, the men may have put other people at risk by breaking quarantine orders during a massive pandemic if they did not follow Hawaii’s emergency quarantine rules. Sign this petition and demand these individuals get the harshest legal penalty if they are found guilty of these respective crimes.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Kaneshiro,

A feral chicken was said to be viciously shot with a speargun by Artyon Zhiryada. He was arrested shortly after posting the alleged event on social media. Zhiryada was charged with animal cruelty, and he and his acquaintance, Dan Vlasenko, were charged with breaking the emergency 14-day quarantine order travelers are required to follow. If these men are guilty, they need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law so that fewer animals and people will likely be hurt or become sick.

Police said that both individuals had been exploring the island of Oahu since they came over to visit. Not only did the chicken that was allegedly left for dead probably suffer a great deal of anguish, but people who live on the island could be more likely to become sick or even die from COVID-19 if the quarantine order was not followed.

It is important that these violations be taken seriously if these men are found guilty so the lives of more animals and people will not be jeopardized. We therefore demand that you suggest the suspected individuals be given the strictest legal sentence if it is found they committed such senseless acts.


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Photo Credit: My Kailua

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  1. Who needs ‘sick in the head’ people roaming loose in the streets?
    Camarillo will be a good living place for him to spend the rest of his miserable life!

  2. Dear Prosecuting Attorney Kaneshiro,
    Send them back to where they came from and Ban their entrance to Hawaii for good! You don’t need any sickos altering your beautiful island!

  3. This vile wog,animal killing bastard needs to have the death penalty implemented.

  4. Why were these 2 scumbags allowed in the country?These vile bastards must have the death penalty implemented!

  5. Sue Perreault says:

    What the …. is wrong with people?

  6. Shoot a couple through the scums eyes & beat them to death.
    Poor darling Chooks xxxxxx

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