Protect Latino Workers in Meat Production Plants From Coronavirus

Target: David W. MacLennan, Chief Executive Officer of Cargill

Goal: Protect Latino meat production workers from exposure to coronavirus.

Latino workers at meat production plants are being exposed to coronavirus at disproportionately high rates. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers union, over 10,000 workers at meat processing plants, many of which are Latino, have contracted the virus and dozens have died.

At a Cargill plant in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, nearly 90 percent of employees are Latino. In addition to reports of poor health and safety standards and lack of protective equipment, many Latinos have reported experiencing racism related to working at a meat production plant. Domingo Garcia, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said “We’ve received reports that some workers at a plant were turned away from grocery stores and not allowed in, because they were presumed to have the coronavirus because they worked at the local meatpacking plant.”

Essential workers are risking their health everyday. Sign below to demand Cargill strengthen health and safety standards and provide the proper resources to protect workers from the coronavirus.


Dear Mr. MacLennan,

Your Latino employees are contracting Covid-19 at disproportionately higher rates than white Americans. In addition, they are suffering discrimination and being refused services due to fears that they may be infected with coronavirus.

These workers are valuable and deserve better treatment. I demand that you strengthen health and safety standards at Cargill and ensure your employees are receiving the proper resources to protect against Covid-19.


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Photo Credit: U.S Government Accountability Office

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