Protect Sacred Navajo Lands from Fracking

Target: William Perry Pendley, Director, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Stop the construction of 3,200 natural gas wells around sacred Navajo Nation lands.

Over 4.1 million acres of land around the Navajo Nation are in danger of being destroyed by 3,200 natural gas wells. The Bureau of Land Management’s “Farmington Mancos-Gallup Management Plan” is a 15-year plan that will devastate the Navajo Nation and nearby Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Demand that plans to construct natural gas wells around the area be abandoned.

Chaco Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within the region are thousands of sacred sites for the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni. Should fracking move forward, the landscape will be plagued with thousands of wells. As with other fracking sites across the nation, Chaco Canyon may also face increased earthquakes and water pollution. Having wells so close to the Navajo Nation may also threaten its citizens with illness. They are already suffering from COVID-19 at a much higher rate than anywhere else in the U.S.

Public opinion has been put on a hold after the government asked for a virtual Zoom meeting, which would have prevented much of the Navajo Nation from participating. Now, more time has been bought to fight against this project. Demand that plans to destroy the Navajo Nation’s sacred lands be abandoned.


Dear Director Pendley,

Over 4.1 million acres of land around the Navajo Nation and their sacred Chaco Canyon region are threatened to be destroyed by 3,200 fracking wells. As we’ve seen around the country, fracking has caused illness, earthquakes, and water pollution. It has destroyed livelihoods, landscapes, and economies.

Thousands of Native Americans see the Chaco Canyon as a sacred and ancestral spot. Even UNESCO has deemed it so. Do not ignore their history, religion, and culture by destroying it. Abandon your fracking project in the area.


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Photo Credit: Simon Fraser University


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Good Lord! We have taken so much from our Native Americans, we must stop dishonoring them and destroying what land they have.

  2. Neville Bruce says:

    All or nothing politics : ( Even if you support the government on other points, you should fight them on ones as hideously, unashamedly grasping as this.

  3. Julie Bates says:

    If the native Indians couldn’t get white man …. the coronavirus has !!!!
    What’s our world coming to dear Jesus!!
    It’s all about fucking greed and the gods almighty $$$$$) lord help us all!!!

  4. No fracking! Leave the Navajo Nation alone! We have done so many disgusting things to our native people this can not happen! It’s there land leave them alone… and give them everything they need! This is unacceptable!

  5. Jose Espino says:

    The world is running out of resources among other things caused by man. $$How sad it is that our leaders have such narrow minds$$. Cobid19 teaches us that we can live in a world with less commodities. Now is the time for humanity to start changing or continue dying in a depleted world. Perhaps the Navajo’s elders can teach us how to live in harmony with the land?

  6. Justin Recht says:

    No! No! No!
    Fight this insane idea! It destroys land and people – it is nothing but quick high income for those that will never have enough.

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