Release Detainees From Overcrowded Detention Centers Vulnerable to Coronavirus

Target: Isaias Afwerki, President of Eritrea

Goal: Release detainees in Eritrea’s overcrowded detention centers to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Eritrea’s detention centers are overcrowded to the point of being dangerous. Detainees are not allowed to shower or wash their hair, have no access to toilets, and are denied food and basic health care. This has made them extremely vulnerable to the remaining strains of the coronavirus.

The virus thrives in crowded spaces, and these centers would be a prime spot for another outbreak to happen. Detention centers are more often than not harsh, disgusting places; the people kept in them live in abject squalor and have no privacy or breathing room. This is never acceptable at the best of times, and now is the worst possible time to subject innocent people to these conditions.

Social distancing is vital to preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and these centers are as far from it as we can get. These detainees deserve better. Sign this petition to urge Eritrea’s government to free these people and protect them from the disease.


Dear President Afwerki,

Thousands of people are stuffed into Eritrea’s detention centers, denied access to showers, clean water, toilets, food, and health care. This is not only a violation of their rights as human beings, but is inviting another outbreak of the coronavirus. The virus thrives in crowded spaces where germs can mingle and multiply, which these detention centers easily enable.

You must let these people go free immediately. These centers are squalid germ factories at the best of times, and now is the absolute worst time to cram so many people into them. These innocent people deserve better than this. Let them go to protect them from getting sick, and ensure that they have access to the health care that they need.


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  1. Release them and put them in your neighborhood! Why do you feel pity for these criminals. They are in detention centers because they committed crimes! Ask the victims and their family if they share in your hypocricy!
    You liberals love to go by your feelings not facts or common sense!

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