Dog Allegedly Thrown Off Balcony Deserves Justice

Target: Forsyth County, North Carolina District Attorney Jim O’Neill

Goal: Give man harshest legal sentence for allegedly throwing an innocent stray dog over a balcony.

A stray dog was allegedly thrown over a balcony. Jashon Tyrell was arrested shortly afterwards in connection with the crime. He needs to get the strictest sentence allowed by law if it is found he committed this atrocious act so that it will be less likely other animals will be hurt or killed.

Tyrell allegedly posted a video of him abusing the dog on social media. He was charged with a felony for the reported incident. Officers stated that the video showed the dog had been severely injured as a result of the alleged abuse. Unfortunately, police have not been able to locate the dog, despite thoroughly searching for the animal. It is possible that Tyrell hid the dog to keep the police from finding any evidence.

If the dog was tossed from the balcony as it appears, he was likely terrified. Sign this petition and demand Tyrell get maximum time behind bars and pay all relevant fines if it is found he committed this heartless act of animal cruelty.


Dear District Attorney O’Neill,

Jashon Tyrell was arrested for allegedly tossing a stray dog over a balcony. It is important that he get the severest legal sentence if it is found he committed this inexcusable act of animal cruelty, to better ensure other animals will not be harmed.

Tyrell was charged with felony animal cruelty after the alleged incident took place. Authorities said that the dog had multiple injuries due to having been thrown over the balcony.

Police have not been able to find the animal after conducting many searches, which could be an indicator that Tyrell was trying to hide the alleged incident from authorities.

This dog likely felt a great deal of pain if he was thrown off a balcony. We therefore demand that you suggest Tyrell be punished to the fullest extent of the law if it is found he abused this helpless animal.


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Photo Credit: Andrey



  1. This monster who abused and tortured this poor dog must be severely punished. I hope the poor dog recovers and finds a new wonderful and loving home. We are watching to make sure justice is served for this dog. ABUSE, TORTURE AND KILLING OF ANIMALS MUST STOP AND THE ONLY WAY TO DO THAT IS HAVE SEVERE AND EXTREME LAWS AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE AND TORTURE WITH EXTREME PUNISHMENT THAT IS ENFORCED EVERY TIME. THIS INSANITY MUST STOP NOW!

    • and this is exactly why the laws must become more strict when it comes to animal abuse. why in the hell would a POS throw a stray dog off the balcony? what could the dog have done to make this SOB do this? here it is again, an innocent dog has to suffer and become a victim of a coward’s way of being tough. if the laws were tougher and stronger i do believe this would not happen as much as it does. please enforce stronger, laws to protect our innocent animals….they have no voice and are at the hands of demonic creeps that feel “tough” when conducting this abuse. people go to jail and serve time for doing this to people, so why can’t the laws be just as tough when abusing animals? this makes no sense at all to me. the court system is a joke.

  2. This vile dog abusing/murdering bastard must have the death penalty implemented.Prison is not adequate.

  3. goddamn vile cunt rot in hell

  4. Life in prison no question! Animal abuse/ cruelty/ murder is never ok! Make an example out of this horrible person! Life in prison!

  5. Sue Perreault says:

    People who live in high rise apartments should not be allowed to own animals. I have heard this story too many times. Pet owners should only be allowed to have pets in the lower floors so when the idiot decides to throw their animal out of the window it has a fighting chance of surviving and running away from the idiot

  6. Carolyn A Taylor says:

    I demand justice for this poor abused and murdered dog, NOW!!!

  7. Hang all these filthy EVIL inbreeds,, they shouldn’t be allowed to fucking breath… they don’t belong anywhere on this planet….Scum will all burn in hell where they DO belong….
    Poor dog xxxxxxx

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