Protect Victims of Educational Fraud From Financial Ruin

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Keep protections for defrauded student loan borrowers in place.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently rolled back strengthened enhancements applied to the borrower defense rule. This measure granted automatic loan forgiveness in many cases and much easier pathways to alleviating crushing debt for student borrowers who could prove they had been lied to, misled, or otherwise manipulated by scam colleges and universities. About a decade ago, an extensive investigation into these predatory practices took down dozens of “schools” that had allegedly defrauded Americans out of millions.

Another day, another overturned safeguard protecting Americans from fraud, recklessness, and corruption: this potential outcome could impact millions of people who just wanted to better their lives. During the 1990s, the nation’s lawmakers took a strong stand against unscrupulous institutions that swindled Americans out of vast sums of money under the guise of higher education. No longer could for-profit frauds rob would-be students of their hard-earned savings while offering nothing in return but a worthless “diploma.” Now, as more Americans that ever face extreme money woes, the president has vowed to join his education secretary in driving a stake through this crucial protection.

Both chambers of Congress, in a bipartisan move, approved legislation that would prevent Secretary DeVos from reversing and weakening the borrower protections put in place. President Trump, however, has vowed to veto the legislation. Sign this petition to demand America’s leaders stop choosing greedy opportunists over the American people.


Dear President Trump,

You recognized the need to save millions of Americans from drowning in debt by including student loan relief in stimulus discussions. You stand in danger of reversing this important progress if you refuse to uphold the borrower defense rule. This decades-old measure is not, as you suggested, “partisan regulation” that “sacrifices the interests of taxpayers, students, and schools.”

The law actually works in the interest of every taxpayer and student victimized by fraud.  In fact, both the House of Representatives and the Senate have signaled support for keeping this measure in place. During the greatest period of financial turmoil of their lives, Americans will not forget who chose them and who chose the predators who would do them lasting harm.

Stand on the side of the American people. Support the borrower defense rule and the integrity of an educational system already under so much hardship.


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