Pompeo: Reinstate Inspector General Fired Without Reason

Target: Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State

Goal: Reinstate Inspector General who was fired after investigating potential misuse of government funds.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to defend his firing of the State Department’s Inspector General, Steve A. Linick, without giving reason as to why he was fired. Suspicions grow over whether his firing was a retaliation against Linick’s investigations into Mr. Pompeo’s alleged misuse of government resources to further his political ambitions.

Before being fired, Linick had opened investigations into potential misuse of taxpayer money for lavish dinners, entertainment and use of government aids for personal chores. Mr. Linick was also investigating the Trump administration’s decision to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates despite Congress’s objections.

After President Trump ordered the firing, Mr. Linick was locked out of his office, despite the mandatory 30-day waiting period that allows for Congress to raise objections. Sign below to demand Mr. Pompeo stop trying to defend his removal of Mr. Linick and instead reinstate him until he can provide valid reason as to why he was fired.


Dear Mr. Pompeo,

You adamantly deny your misuse of government funds, despite growing evidence. In addition, you claim that Mr. Linick’s firing wasn’t a retaliatory act against his investigation into your potentially inappropriate actions. However, you refuse to disclose why, then, he was fired.

It is unconstitutional to use hard-earned taxpayer money to further your political ambitions, and then fire someone for looking into it. I demand that you stop trying to defend Mr. Linick’s removal and instead reinstate him until you can provide valid evidence as to why he was fired.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: United States Department of State

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  1. Good Lord.Waste of petitions. This vile pos will not do that.

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