Justice for 100+ Animals Allegedly Neglected, Starved, and Abused

Target: Joshua A. Racki, County Attorney, Cascade County, Montana

Goal: Punish woman who allegedly housed over 100 neglected cats, dogs, birds, and more.

Over 100 animals were found in a Great Falls, Montana home, allegedly neglected, starved, and mistreated. The woman reportedly responsible for these crimes must be punished to the fullest extent of the law for apparently allowing these innocent animals to suffer.

After a fire at the home of Pamela Jo Polejewski, authorities seized 52 dogs, 19 cats, 14 goats, 11 horses, 29 chicken, 21 waterfowl, 12 rabbits, three turkeys, six pigs, one tortoise, one ferret, one cockatiel, two parakeets, and one fish. The dogs were alleged to have been confined to kennels and kept without food. Meanwhile, it is reported that a plastic pool, without water, was kept for the waterfowl. Authorities also say a cage full of kittens was found, along with a deceased dog and animals deformed from untreated infection.

Polejewski has been charged with several counts of animal cruelty. She is reported to have been operating an animal rescue, which was dissolved in 2018. Far too many innocent animals allegedly suffered at her hands. Demand that Polejewski be charged to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Attorney Racki,

Over a hundred animals were found in the home of Pamela Jo Polejewski, allegedly neglected, starved, dehydrated, and infected. Authorities alleged that the animals were confined to cages filled with fecal matter. Some animals were deceased while others were reported to have deformities caused by untreated infections.

This appears to have been a true house of horror for these poor animals. Those that survive will hopefully find new homes; however, Polejewski’s home should never again be used to “shelter” animals. I demand that she be charged to the fullest extent the law will allow to ensure she never has access to animals again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Thomas Andreopoulos



  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    Tell me again….why do we have to sign a petition to beg for some attorney to do his job?

    • Beth Nordmeyer says:

      So true! In Montana they do not do their jobs. Animal abusers always get a slap on the wrist. Such a disgrace!

  2. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    Montana encourages animal abuse! They don’t care. You can hang animals. Saw innocent coyotes gagged and bound on a truck. Horses are abused. People go to court but ARE NEVER PROSECUTED! WHAT A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY! Can you prosecute this woman or is she just going to get a warning! How pathetic!!!

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