Stop Deporting Migrant Children Without Parental Approval

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Stop using coronavirus as an excuse to deport hundreds of migrant children without notifying their families.

Hundreds of migrant children have been deported by the Trump administration since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to a new policy justified by invoking a World War II-era law. The majority of the young foreigners are alone and in some cases, their families aren’t notified of their deportation. In addition, many are not given the opportunity to talk with a social worker or plea for asylum.

This new policy represents an extraordinary shift in the long-established practice of dealing with young migrants who arrive alone. Now, some children are being deported just hours after arriving, and others are awoken in the night and put on planes without knowledge of their destination.

The administration is justifying these practices under a 1944 law that grants the president authority to block foreigners from entering the country in order to prevent “serious threat” of a dangerous disease. However, many of the young migrants being deported were already in the U.S. when quarantine measures began. Sign below and demand President Trump stop using coronavirus as an excuse to deport hundreds of migrant children who are alone and face imminent violence back home.


Dear President Trump,

In March and April, almost a thousand children were deported, many of whom were alone. At the very least, they deserve the right to speak with a social worker and plea for asylum.

There are many more pressing issues in the U.S. that are contributing to the spread of Covid-19, such as the far right anti-lockdown protests. I demand that you stop using coronavirus as an excuse to deport hundreds of vulnerable migrant children back to violence-ridden countries.


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