Save Natural Disaster Refugees from Homelessness, Starvation, and Death

Target: Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, United Nations

Goal: Provide humanitarian aid to survivors of Ugandan natural disasters.

“We are living in a very hopeless and desperate situation.” This desperate statement, uttered by a Ugandan mother, symbolizes the plight of so many of this country’s citizens recently under siege from unrelenting floods and rockslides. These chilling words offer a sneak preview of what the Western world may encounter as it enters hurricane season in the midst of a global pandemic.

The results of this disaster are manifold: homes decimated, water-logged hospital corridors, life-sustaining crops destroyed, and entire villages submerged in mud. Desperate, displaced citizens are forced to live in makeshift camps with no sanitation standards and little opportunity for social distancing. Over 1,000 human beings are currently crammed into one shelter alone.

Sign the petition below to demand emergency intervention in this crisis that threatens thousands of lives.


Dear Sir Lowcock,

“We are starving. People are taking dirty water from the stream. The one latrine is full. People are defecating in the open. This is a recipe for disease outbreaks like cholera and dysentery.”  Nature does not abide by shelter-in-place orders or social distancing guidelines. The people of Uganda are learning this lesson in the worst possible way. Relentless flooding that has already claimed hundreds of lives in neighboring areas has driven countless citizens out of what remains of their homes and into these untenable living conditions.

For these individuals, fears of an outbreak like cholera or COVID-19 have to be secondary. Their dire current circumstances must compel immediate action.

The Ugandan government lacks the funds to enact the interventions necessary to curb this crisis. Please do everything in your power to alleviate the pain and aid human beings struck by a catastrophe at the worst possible time.


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Photo Credit: Samuel Gordon


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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    Uganda is the cause of the disasters by allowing animals to eat the vegetation holding the earth to the rocks. They should be helped by their neighbours except that Africa is tribal and they do not help anyone outside their tribe. Each African country suffers as they are forcing or have forced the white farmers out. Countries which provided food for the whole of the continent are now suffering because they no longer provide for themselves. It is more than time that the countries stopped relying on the West to rescue them all of the time and learned how to help themselves. I am not saying that aid shouldn’t be given but it should be to help rebuild the country and not just to feed them for a few months.

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