Provide Funding for Struggling Globe Theater During Coronavirus Lockdown

Target: The Right Honourable Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Grant funding to London’s Globe Theater to prevent a permanent shutdown due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London could close forever due to a lack of funding brought on by coronavirus restrictions. Due to global stay-at-home orders, public venues have been forced to close temporarily and cancel performances and events. And unfortunately, artistic venues such as the Globe Theater are not eligible for emergency funding from the government.

The Globe Theater is one of London’s most beloved landmarks, a place of culture, education and entertainment. Even during a time where show attendance is ill-advised and not a priority, the arts are far more important than society realizes. Throughout history, the creative world has been belittled or brushed aside for not being as profitable as business, medicine, and law; in reality, society would be much sadder without music, theater, and art. Additionally, the Globe Theater is a historical landmark on its own.

“The government must step up now and find more funding to shore up our cultural landscape,” says politician Julian Knight. Sign this petition to urge London’s government to do everything in their power to keep the Globe Theater alive and well.


Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

The Globe Theater of London is in danger of closing forever due to stay-at-home orders and a lack of ticket sales. Artistic venues such as this one are not eligible for government emergency funding, relying on in-person visits to keep it afloat. The theater is one of London’s biggest cultural landmarks.

You must help fund the theater to keep it open. The arts have long been criticized and belittled for not being as profitable as business, medicine, or law. But in truth, the cultural landscape of London is one of its most important features; to close down an important landmark forever would destroy the rich tapestry of creativity across the country. Support funding to keep the Globe Theater afloat in these dark times.


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Photo Credit: P.K. Niyogi

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