Protect LGBTQ Health Clinics from Shutting Down in the Wake of COVID-19

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Target: Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Goal: Protect the health of LGBTQ citizens by aiding vital health clinics.

Over 200 LGBTQ health clinics in the United States, and their tens of thousands of patients, are facing an uncertain future. In the wake of COVID-19, some clinics have been forced to close after aid from local townships and cities was cut short. Sign the petition to demand that the federal government support these vital healthcare clinics.

LGBTQ clinics provide a variety of essential services, from mammograms and HIV testing to COVID-19 testing and gender-affirming surgeries. Funding has come mostly from private donors and local governments. These clinics allow LGBTQ citizens to find care in a safe environment free from discrimination. With local municipalities struggling for finances, stay-at-home orders preventing patients from visiting clinics, and a drop in private funds, these clinics face an uncertain future.

The federal government has bailed out both large and small businesses. Health clinics also deserve financial assistance. Sign the petition to demand that the government act to provide aid to these clinics before tens of thousands of Americans are left without life-saving healthcare.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

There are hundreds of LGBTQ health clinics across the United States, providing life-saving care to tens of thousands of LGBTQ citizens who cannot find safe care otherwise. COVID-19 is forcing the shut down of some of these clinics, which rely on the funds of private donors and local governments to survive.

It should be the job of the federal government to protect the health, happiness, and safety of its citizens. Just as you bailed out businesses throughout the pandemic, I demand you offer financial assistance to these health clinics across America.


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  1. Amarilla McBride says:

    Absolutely not. If those limp wristed floozies can’t go to a regular clinic like everyone else, they deserve to get sick. Stupid entitled bastards anyway.

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