Justice for Alligator Bound and Impaled by Arrows

Target: Richard Wesch, County Attorney for Lee County, Florida

Goal: Seek maximum punishment for perpetrator who bound and shot alligator.

A Florida resident’s discovery of a local alligator bound and impaled with arrows led to a shocking case of animal cruelty. Police were called to a Lee County residence, where they found the severely hurt alligator helpless in a pond behind the home. The nature of the injuries suggests this animal’s plight was no natural accident.

For one, the gator’s feet and mouth were bound by a rope. Worse still, two arrows had pierced the poor animal’s side. The gator is now thankfully recuperating at a farm, but the perpetrator of this sick act remains unknown and at large.

Sign this petition to urge the Lee Country legal system to pursue this case fully when an arrest is made.


Dear Mr. Wesch,

The Sheriff’s Department and Crime Stoppers are doing their part in investigating a disturbing animal cruelty case out of Lee County. The victim in this case, an alligator, was apparently tied up, shot with arrows, and tossed in a pond to die. This horrifying attack against a living being cannot go unpunished.

Please work with local authorities in building a case against this cruel perpetrator. When he or she is identified, please prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: SWFL Crime Stoppers



  1. Tye them up and shoot them.
    Sell tickets to the extermination of this piece of human shit

  2. Guillaume P. says:

    What will happen to this animal when he/she will have recovered from his/her injuries ? I truly hope he/she will be freed in the wild !

  3. Justin Recht says:

    If you ever find them – feed them to the alligators – so they serve at least once in their life a purpose!

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