Stop Republican Party’s New Plan to Suppress Voters

Mitch McConnell by Gage Skidmore

Target: Mitch McConnell, House Majority Leader

Goal: Stop using “voter fraud” policing as an excuse to suppress liberal and minority voters in the 2020 election.

Republicans are attempting to suppress Democratic voters and ensure Trump’s re-election by tightening restrictions on how and where voters can cast their ballots — if they get to cast them at all. In a clear move to sway the vote in their favor, Republicans plan to recruit thousands of monitors to weed out voters that the party has deemed “suspicious.”

Voter suppression has long been an aim of the Republican party, who have pushed numerous gerrymandering measures and voter ID laws to benefit their candidates. Their efforts have been so obvious in the past that they were banned from conducting “voter fraud” operations at all for decades — but now a court ruling is allowing them to resume their tactics. Sign below to demand that the Republican party respect the voting rights of the American people and stop pushing for unnecessary restrictions on voting.


Dear Mr. McConnell,

Your party’s allegations of voter fraud are not only baseless but a clear attempt to legitimize the suppression of minority voters. Direct, partisan policing of the ballots isn’t about justice or democracy — it’s about disenfranchising American citizens.

If the Republican party truly wishes to preserve the integrity of the voting system, it should focus on the real fault in our democracy: The thousands of legitimate voters who have been shut out of our democratic system by the restrictions you’re trying to enhance. I demand that you stop these efforts to control, suppress, and manipulate American voters.


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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore



  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    Elizabeth Arant…are you kidding me??? this is one of the worst petitions I ever saw! Who approves these stupid petitions anyway. You want the Republicans to stop voter fraud by suppressing illegal aliens from voting…end story. You are fooling no one.

  2. Karen Redd says:


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