Stop Keeping Puppies in Squalor and Filth to Raise “Purebred” Dogs

Target: Dennis B. Sprung, CEO of American Kennel Club

Goal: Stop supporting the cruel abuse and mistreatment of the millions of dogs confined to puppy mills.

Millions of innocent dogs are abused and mistreated in America’s puppy mills, all for the coveted title of “purebred.” The American Kennel Club organization is one of the biggest obstacles to permanently shutting down these puppy mills. Because they are a purebred dog registry, they rely on financial support from the breeders associated with the mills; this leads them to fight against proposed animal welfare laws that would save millions of dogs and puppies from these places.

Puppy mills are essentially factories, places where dogs are treated as objects rather than living things. They are forced to exist in squalor and locked in cramped cages. Mother dogs are forced to breed endlessly so their offspring can be sold for a tidy profit. Dogs and puppies bought from these mills are usually not healthy, carrying diseases or viruses due to the conditions they live in. For years, animal rights groups have been trying to shut these places down, to little avail.

Dogs deserve better than this. Sign this petition to urge the AKC to stop their reliance on and support of these horrible places.


Dear Mr. Sprung,e

The American Kennel Club’s continued support of cruel puppy mills must stop. For years, animal rights groups have been trying to shut these places down due to the poor treatment of the animals living and bred within them. The poor creatures live in absolute squalor, kept in tight cages, and are forced to breed all for the sake of a profit. Puppies and dogs purchased from these places are often in poor health.

You must stop supporting this cruelty. There is no valid excuse for the way these dogs are treated. They are living creatures who deserve better than to be treated as breeding factories for the sake of a profit. The AKC must stop defending these places immediately so that the whole operation can be shut down, saving the lives of millions of dogs and puppies across the country.


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  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    how embarrassing it must be for AKC to support the puppy mills instead of supporting animal rights. who can we trust any more?

  2. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    Your AKC registered kennels are ABUSIVE PUPPY MILLS! YOUR “AKC Kennel Club” is a sham. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR CRUELTY!

  3. There’s no hope in this world. This is hell

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    The owners of these poor dogs keep them constantly producing pups.
    Owners live a good life while flooding the market with puppies and the
    breeder dogs suffer and animals are killed at overloaded shelters.

  5. Cathy Mindt says:

    Beyond reprehensible.
    Do to them what they have done and continue to do to innocent animals.

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