Rescue Service Dog From Home Where Two Dogs Reportedly Starved to Death

Target: John Voto, Interim Chief of Police of Tewksbury, MA

Goal: Take service dog away from woman whose other dogs allegedly died because they were abused.

A service dog may be in great danger after the tragic death of other dogs in its home. Nicole Hutcheon was charged with animal cruelty after two German shepherds she was responsible for fostering died after alleged neglect. Another German shepherd puppy was also reportedly found underweight at Hutcheon’s home. Despite these accusations, Hutcheon is being allowed to keep her service dog. This dog needs to be placed in a shelter for his own safety if these accusations are thought to be true.

Tewksbury Animal Shelter was asked to check on the dogs when the foster agency stopped receiving reports pertaining to their progress. After arriving at the home, police said that two of the dogs had died of starvation. Although another underweight German shepherd puppy was removed from Hutcheon’s home, she is being allowed to maintain custody of her service dog after agreeing to random animal control visits. The dog will probably not be checked on every day, and the visits will also likely eventually stop. This dog’s safety may very well already be in jeopardy. Sign this petition to demand authorities take the service dog out of Hutcheon’s home if it is suspected that she neglected or abused her foster dogs.


Dear Police Chief Voto,

Police learned that two German shepherds died after alleged neglect, and it was also reported that a third German shepherd puppy nearly starved to death while in Nicole Hutcheon’s care. Although authorities suspect that she is responsible for the alleged abuse and neglect of these foster animals, Hutcheon’s service dog was not removed from her home. This dog needs to be taken out of Hutcheon’s home if authorities think she abused other dogs.

It is ridiculous that she is being allowed to keep the dog if there is any possibility that two of her foster dogs died and another one of her foster dogs became severely ill as a result of her not properly taking care of them. The service dog could suffer or die as a result of staying in Hutcheon’s care. For these reasons, we demand that you remove Hutcheon’s service dog from her home if it is thought she abused or neglected any other dogs.


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Photo Credit: Found Animals Foundation

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  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    Nicole Hutcheon belongs in a mental hospital

  2. This vile dog abusing bitch must be placed in a mandatory residential care facility ie a nursing home.Dogs who reside on her current premises must be seized immediately and re-homed. This vile itch must NEVER be allowed to have any animals.Random animal control visits is not appropriate for dangerous, animal abusers with documented mental health issues.

  3. That nicole hutchings does not deserve to be in a mental hospital. She needs to be executed.

  4. PETA will take action if the local law will not and remove this “Emotional Support Dog” from her custody!

  5. Please email Chief Voto directly.

    Here is an email you can use:
    Dear Chief Voto,

    I am writing to plead that you remove the alleged “emotional support dog” from Nicole Hutcheon’s custody. Having been charged with three counts of animal cruelty, including two deaths, there is no reason to believe Ms. Hutcheon is capable of caring for any pets. If the dog is in fact still in her custody, it is in immediate danger.

    If it is not possible, or if you do not want to remove the dog from her home, PETA can be called in to take care of it. Please let me know if I can help.

    Thank you.

  6. Please call the Tewksbury Town Hall at (978) 640-4355 and let them know you want Nicole Hutcheon fired if she is found guilty (I called and of course they can’t do anything until the case is completed and I understand that).

    Don’t bother calling the Tewksbury Senior Center, they will just refer you to Town Hall.

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