Dog Allegedly Infested With Maggots, Feces, and Urine Deserves Justice

Target: Timothy D. Sini, Suffolk County, New York District Attorney

Goal: Give woman harshest legal penalty for allegedly allowing her dog to become infested with maggots, feces, and urine.

A dog in New York was found to be severely neglected and tragically suffering due to the alleged abuse of her owner. Bunnie Smith was charged with animal cruelty shortly after a veterinarian at the New York Veterinary Specialty Center allegedly found maggots and open wounds on her dog, Diamond. Smith needs to be given the maximum legal sentence if it is found that she neglected her dog by failing to keep up with her veterinary care.

According to the SPCA, Diamond not only had maggots, she also allegedly had old wounds on her body, smelled of waste, and was incapable of walking. According to experts, maggots can cause toxicity in dogs, which can eventually lead to the animal becoming severely ill and eventually dying. If the dog did have past sores and extreme infestation, she was likely suffering long before being taken to a veterinarian.

Smith was given a field appearance ticket after the dog was examined and is scheduled to be in court at the end of May. Dogs deserve owners who will properly take care of them. Sign this petition to demand Smith be given the strictest legal sentence if it is found she neglected or abused Diamond in any way.


Dear District Attorney Sini,

A dog named Diamond was said to be covered in sores and maggots by a veterinary specialist. The person allegedly responsible for this animal abuse needs to get the severest legal sentence so that she will be less likely to abuse more animals.

Bunnie Smith was issued an appearance ticket for animal cruelty shortly after her dog was seen by a veterinarian. The veterinarian stated that the dog smelled like feces and urine. Feces was also allegedly found in the dog’s hair. If a dog is infested with maggots for months, she can go into shock and even die. Old wounds and numerous maggots on a dog are likely clear indicators that an animal has been suffering for an extended amount of time.

While it is good news that Smith was charged with animal cruelty and that the dog is no longer in her care, Diamond should have never had to endure this alleged suffering. We therefore demand that you suggest Smith be given the maximum punishment allowed by law if she is found guilty of such senseless animal abuse and neglect.


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Photo Credit: Suffolk County SPCA

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  1. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls


  2. I wonder if these horrendous acts are testing out faith. I know that I could easily take a life from all I have seen and read. I feel total hatred for these demons for that is what they are. How many on here have endured a bad childhood? Would we do anything to hurt an innocent? we have the answer I believe. Excuse after excuse in favour of the perpetrators.

  3. Mary F Harrington says:

    What a life this dog had to endure. You can make it right and see that Bunnie Smith is charged with the neglect and abuse that she is responsible for.
    DA Sini, don’t you think it’s time to do your job and make sure this criminal gets what she deserves.

  4. This vile severe animal abusing bitch and any others internationally must have a mandatory death penalty implemented.

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