Save Endangered Forest Home to Rare Animals From Agricultural Tycoons

Target: Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme

Goal: Stop rampant deforestation of massive South American forest.

An expansive South American forest teeming with diverse—and often endangered—plant and animal life faces rapid rates of deforestation and habitat loss. Conservationists have called this forest’s human-induced erosion “the first major environmental disaster of the 21st century.” The story is well-known, but the “damsel” of this tale is not. The plight of the storied Amazon rainforests has largely overshadowed the equally alarming happenings at the Gran Chaco Forest. The destruction of this massive land, which spans the countries of Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia, could mean the imminent extinction of animals ranging from the screaming armadillo to the majestic South American jaguar.

Because the Gran Chaco Forest does not receive nearly the same recognition or protection as its famous neighbor, big money conglomerates have been given approval and free reign to decimate large swaths of the vegetation for soy and livestock farming purposes. At this moment, over 10,000 square miles of what is supposed to be a protected national park stand in the crosshairs. Government officials seem unwilling to curb these destructive clearings, both legal and illegal. Many times, they are even apparently complicit in the rampant deforestation.

Sign this petition to urge the international community to save one of the world’s forgotten havens of biodiversity.


Dear Ms. Andersen,

Because of the stewardship provided by the United Nations Environment Programme and other ambassadors of environmental conservation, the Amazon rainforest benefits from a critical degree of oversight and protection. While awareness of the Amazon has certainly not cured its conservation crises, the recognition of this massive forest’s value to the world has helped its cause. Unfortunately, another equally important massive sprawl of South American biodiversity does not enjoy the same renown or international aid.

The Gran Chaco Forest of Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay hosts nearly 2,000 animal species and a rich array of 1,400-plus plant species. Every year, increasingly large patches of this forest are sold and leased off to large conglomerates that ply their trade in rapid deforestation. The 10,000- square mile El Impenetrable National Park could soon join the ranks of razed land and forever-lost habitats.

Fight for the Gran Chaco with the same steadfast determination as you do the Amazon. Please do not let a tragic fate befall one of the planet’s greatest and most biodiverse natural kingdoms.


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Photo Credit: Alamy

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  1. We must do better to help helpless animals!! They are more important than stupid homes!! This can not happen!!
    You are literally killing our plant!!!
    Enough is enough this must stop!!! Can the UN step in and save our plant or someone?
    Someone has to stop this it’s so sad… they’re killing our plant!!

  2. D. Farrimond says:

    Hopefully, Coronavirus might get rid of some of these Environmental Criminal Filth for us – Worldwide

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