Puppy Reportedly Strangled and Thrown to Ground Deserves Justice

Target: Kim Ogg, District Attorney of Harris County, Texas

Goal: Pursue charges against individuals reportedly caught on tape hitting and strangling dogs.

If two recent cases of apparent animal cruelty are any indication, Houston has become the latest ground-zero for horrific abuse gone unpunished. Both cases involved dogs and puppies caught on video reportedly being seriously injured by their supposed caretakers. In the first video, a dog tied up with shoestrings is seemingly battered in the face over and over with a knife. The second video allegedly depicts a puppy being strangled and then callously thrown to the ground outside the premises.

Fortunately, both animals—and a second puppy also taken from the dog’s residence—are now safe and under the care of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yet despite seeming concrete evidence, neither of these cases has resulted in charges. In fact, the DA’s office refused to pursue charges in one case due to supposed “insufficient evidence.”

Sign this petition to demand justice be served for these survivors of apparently blatant animal cruelty caught on tape.


Dear DA Ogg,

“A lack of sufficient evidence”: this sad reasoning was the Harris County District Attorney Office’s justification for failing to file charges against the individual accused of cruelly strangling and assaulting a defenseless puppy. A video recording of the incident would seemingly constitute the very definition of “sufficient evidence.” Did you deem this grotesque reported offense not worth your time?

Similarly, charges are currently under consideration in the case of a dog reportedly hit repeatedly with a knife while tied up…an incident that again was caught on tape. Please do not take the same lackadaisical mindset into this case. An animal abuser today could be a serial killer tomorrow.

Don’t set a dangerous, hands-off precedent for these serious crimes. Prosecute the accused and seek justice for all victims of unrestrained cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Houston SPCA

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  1. these a**holes are slimy scum of the earth. to intentionally hurt puppies & dogs just to be “tough guy” is disgusting…so you coward bastard, you choose to harm animals because that is all you are capable of winning….you POS SOB will get your punishment in time….karma is a bitch and what goes around comes back around….an eye for an eye….i hope you suffer even more than what you did to these dogs…you are truly not worth breathing the air you live in….

  2. Gloria Navan says:

    Poor excuses for not taking this cruelty seriously.

  3. The DA who refuses to prosecute is as guilty as the assholes who abused the dogs.

    • Brenda Burke says:

      This is what I keep saying. There is no justice for animals and Texas is the worst. The prosecutors who refuse to prosecute are just as guilty. There needs to be some changes in the justice system. I feel sorry for any children in these households.

    • Tammy Rossetti says:

      There’s the problem.

    • Yes he is😠 so disgusting hope someone does get justice for these dogs🙏

  4. Mary F Harrington says:

    Here we go again! Lawyers and judges….they need to learn the law not dance around it. We need to put the blame where it belongs. We know the abusers are criminals. The big shot lawyers and judges are the ones that let this happen over and over by letting these criminals off with a slap on the hand. If they did the job they were supposed to do….you know justice….there wouldn’t be so much crime. Arrest the DA for accessory to the vicious crime, since he turns a blind to justice.

  5. Put all these people in jail together and infect them with Covid19 – no medical treatment for any of them – let them rot together

  6. Cathy Mindt says:

    What kind of evidence does one need?
    A mutilated tortured heap of remains?
    The full extent of the law is not enough for these pathetic savages.

  7. Fucks sake. If they saw the videos of these dirty scumbags abusing these poor dogs and then to say ‘insufficient evidence ‘would it be the same if it was wee kids. I agree with all the comments. Justice system is crap

  8. The people involved in doing this horrific cruelty to these poor helpless animals are low-life despicable cold-hearted scumbags. They need JAIL TIME. There is NO EXCUSE FOR DOING THIS. This sickening act of violence against these innocent animals is unconscionable. This cannot and should not go unpunished. Too bad we can’t go there and smack them around and throw them on the ground. Stupid heartless MORONS.

  9. Orna Zagiel says:

    What do you mean by “insufficient evidence” – they have all the evidence that is needed to put these insignificant criminals is jail for a very long time……..Someone is paying money under the table to these lawyers and police for not taking the action needed to prosecute and throw the key away.

  10. Diane PARANT says:

    Il faut quoi de plus que la vidéo à la police pour sévir ? Peut-être que les animaux portent plainte eux-mêmes et dénoncent leur agresseurs ! En fait ce service de police est aussi coupable que les maltraitants et devraient être virés !!!!!

  11. Texas laws towards animal abuse Are ignorantly weak like a barbaric third world country. Its appalling to see such abuse happen mostly in Texas!! Always Texas!!. I work with many rescue groups and Texas is where 80% of the Abuse happens. These people need to be charged with a Felony and sent to jail. Also the fault is facebook, snapchat tictoc all social media censors anyonewith an alternative idea. BUt Does Not Censor. Abuse torture and killings! These subhumans must be put away. Or at least display their names so someone can do to Them what they truly deaerve!!

  12. Please put these GHETTO ASS POSs behind bars! What is up with the anti-animal cruelty laws in Texas? Everyday there is a terrible story about poor dogs being abused and nothing happens to the scum bags that come with these crimes. Do something!

  13. Matilde Ravizza says:

    I blame even more the judges who choose not to punish this filthy subhuman. It is true that the world is a cruel place not for those who commit crimes but for those who choose to remain silent and do nothing.

  14. Tamela Bare says:

    To have proof and be told there is “insufficient evidence” is ludicrous. Is their action because the victims were animals? That shouldn’t matter, no living thing should be treated this way. The Bronx Zoo, long time ago put a window up and above it a sign read “the most dangerous creature on earth”, it was a mirror. If the tables were turned, if the dogs attacked their attackers, there would be no question, no doubt, the dogs would be hunted and either shot then or be taken and euthanasia. Why? Because they were a danger, they could do it again and they must be stopped. Well, these people, these human animals, need to be hunted, they can do it again, THEY must be stopped. Law doesn’t have a death penalty for animal abuse, maybe they should.

  15. Find the sick freaks that did this — bind and hang them — while hanging beat with a studded metal bat until hamburg — throw remains in landfill and burn!

  16. Michelle Stewart says:

    That is absolute crap! The bastard must be charged severly and harshly. The abuse was caught on video. Real justice would be to execute him. That way he couldn’t hurt any animals ever again

  17. The more this type of despicable crime against animals happens and allowed to go unpunished, of course it will keep on happening!! These poor dogs have a snowball chance in HELL to help them. As animal lovers, WE ARE PAST BEING FED UP WITH THESE PRICKS AND THEIR HEINOUS CRIMES. WHEN CAN WE HOPE FOR ANY JUSTICE IN THIS F-ING COUNTRY IF NO ONES TAKES ANY SERIOUSNESS AGAINST ANIMALS. DEATH TO ALL THESE BASTARDS COULD ONLY BE SWEET JUSTICE. COME ON AMERICA, GET YOUR GOD DAMN ACT TOGETHER!!

  18. Michelle says:

    These disgusting “humans” should be in jail and beaten! Just awful! How can this be acceptable!??

  19. Julia Edinger says:

    Must find this “evil bastard” asap!!! Deserves the death penalty !!!

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