Puppy Reportedly Strangled and Thrown to Ground Deserves Justice

Target: Kim Ogg, District Attorney of Harris County, Texas

Goal: Pursue charges against individuals reportedly caught on tape hitting and strangling dogs.

If two recent cases of apparent animal cruelty are any indication, Houston has become the latest ground-zero for horrific abuse gone unpunished. Both cases involved dogs and puppies caught on video reportedly being seriously injured by their supposed caretakers. In the first video, a dog tied up with shoestrings is seemingly battered in the face over and over with a knife. The second video allegedly depicts a puppy being strangled and then callously thrown to the ground outside the premises.

Fortunately, both animals—and a second puppy also taken from the dog’s residence—are now safe and under the care of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yet despite seeming concrete evidence, neither of these cases has resulted in charges. In fact, the DA’s office refused to pursue charges in one case due to supposed “insufficient evidence.”

Sign this petition to demand justice be served for these survivors of apparently blatant animal cruelty caught on tape.


Dear DA Ogg,

“A lack of sufficient evidence”: this sad reasoning was the Harris County District Attorney Office’s justification for failing to file charges against the individual accused of cruelly strangling and assaulting a defenseless puppy. A video recording of the incident would seemingly constitute the very definition of “sufficient evidence.” Did you deem this grotesque reported offense not worth your time?

Similarly, charges are currently under consideration in the case of a dog reportedly hit repeatedly with a knife while tied up…an incident that again was caught on tape. Please do not take the same lackadaisical mindset into this case. An animal abuser today could be a serial killer tomorrow.

Don’t set a dangerous, hands-off precedent for these serious crimes. Prosecute the accused and seek justice for all victims of unrestrained cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Houston SPCA


  1. DA and his cronies need sacking!! Useless, lazy incompetents!! It’s on video – do your jobs!! Put these evil, twisted abusing bastards in JAIL for a long, long time and ban them from EVER going near any animal again. You are supposed to be the law and the voice for these defenseless, innocent animals ? What the hell is wrong with you people? Who will help them if you don’t?This is just unbelievable and disgraceful!! “Authorities” who do nothing are complicit and actively contributing to animal torture and murder!! Shame, shame, shame on you all and God help animals in your jurisdiction. Sickening.

    • Terri Manabe says:

      Yeah Kit you go and tell them idiots off. They are nothing but lazy, useless government employees who are earning money for just that, DOING NOTHING for innocent animals. These poor souls don’t have voices to report their perpertrators, so we speak out for them. We demand justice and yet, even with VIDEO EVIDENCE they turn a blind eye. This is UNSATISFACTORY and if the DA isn’t going to pursue this case, then he/she needs to be kicked out of that position. We need someone who has the balls to take on this case head on. The person(s) who hurt these innocent pups needs to learn a lesson and if we citizen can’t punish them then the law should. WE DEMAMD THE LAW GIVE JUSTICE for these dogs suffering. Lukily the dogs didn’t die, but they surely suffered terribly.

  2. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Ever notice that violent or sick crimes committed by Men are often overlooked or go unpunished? Maybe due to the excuse that it is common male behavior? I mean after all, if Men are not molesting our children or beating up their girlfriends or wives, then they are viciously attacking or killing innocent animals. Laws created by Men. Enforced by Men. Prosecuted by Men. No wonder so many of these crimes are overlooked. Common Male behavior right?

  3. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Must an official from the DA’s office be present at the scene of every atrocity, to ensure that there is “sufficient evidence” to prosecute?

  4. Please STOP for ever these BASTARDS of abusing and killing defenseless animals


  6. Janet Garraghan says:

    It is utterly disgraceful that charges have not been brought against the evil monsters who carried out these horrific acts of violence against these poor, innocent dogs! This is despicable! I despair of the human race, I truly do! Anyone capable of such a heinous act is clearly a danger to the whole of society and must be dealt with! They should receive punishment to the fullest extent of the law! Stop letting your society down! Stop letting the innocent animals down! Respect God’s creatures!

  7. Rose Coffey says:

    There is no lack of sufficient evidence. Get this guy and get him good.

  8. Kathleen says:

    if law enforcement won’t step in and do something?
    How about a dog-loving cowboy or two beat the crap out of these sicko animal abusers!?!?

  9. Jose Espino says:

    Mr. Ogg. You got it on tape and you got yourself a very disturb person that should not be loose in society. If justice is truly the people’s shield for sick minds like this one, then this person must be locked up for good. Overcoming the argument of whatever money’s worth lawyer dares to defend him and overcoming the usual mental illness defense will reveal a branded murderer. This is an evil, dangerous criminal that should not be walking the streets for no reason at all. It does not matter who, what, what color, what creed, how much, just get this SOB locked up.

  10. Just heartbreaking

  11. waste – people
    stomps these whores son to death
    Free the world of psychopaths like this animal tormentor / killer

  12. The city of Houston, TX needs to look at their Law Enforcement and its lack of direct attention to animal abuse.
    National attention needs to brought to their high rate of unchecked animal abuse in their city and the lack of enforcement and punishment!
    Fox and CNN… we could use both of these networks to do some non-partisan investigative reporting here!!!

  13. Texas is the WORST for animal welfare. There are hundreds of dumping grounds where people dispose of animals on a regular basis. Homeless & unwanted animals roaming so many areas of the state. Their so called laws are so lax. Animal “shelters” are underfunded, they kill animals before their hold times are up, & are cruel to the animals left in their care. I cango on forever but I’m sure most of you know the story.

  14. Justin Recht says:

    Hope God damns them to fullest possible!
    No respect for life – they deserve none!

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