Don’t Disempower Minority and Non-Citizen Voters Before Presidential Election

Target: Kay Hoflander, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party

Goal: Don’t undo protections against manipulation of electoral maps before an important election.

Missouri Republicans are moving forward with a ballot proposal that would undo protections against manipulation of electoral maps. This process, called gerrymandering, has been used by Republicans to gain electoral advantage across the country by excluding certain voters.

A 2018 referendum, approved by 62 percent of voters in Missouri, put a non-partisan demographer in charge of drawing districts in order to make partisan fairness in voting a top priority. Republicans are pushing for a new ballot proposal that would eliminate the non-partisan demographer and give redistricting power to committees nominated by political parties. This proposal makes partisan fairness the least important criteria in drawing districts. The measure is set to be voted on in the House of Representatives.

Voting advocates warn that allowing Republicans to draw districts will disadvantage certain minority voters and non-citizens and give power to white, rural communities. Sign below to demand Missouri Republicans do not move forward with the proposal to gut gerrymandering reform and instead prioritize voter fairness before the 2020 presidential election.


Dear Ms. Hoflander,

The manipulation of electoral maps threatens the integrity of our elections and our democracy. Giving the responsibility of drawing districts to a non-partisan demographer is the most ethical way to ensure every voter is counted.

Trying to manipulate electoral maps before the 2020 presidential election is an act of corruption. I demand that you do not move forward with the proposal to gut gerrymandering reform and instead prioritize voter fairness and the integrity of our democracy.


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Photo Credit: Victoria Pickering


  1. Minorities have the right to vote. Never was a question.

    Non-citizens? Have no business voting in the election of the USA, if this were true, why did you snowflakes have your panties up your asses about the so- called Russian collusion? Just because that was Trump it was a crime, but, because those ILLEGAL immigrants could get a demicrat elected, it’s perfectly legal? Piss on you, it don’t work that way. If they are illegals, send them back. BUILD THE WALL!!!!!

  2. Non-citizens don’t have the right to vote anyway. You might want to re-word your petition and description.

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