Demand a Permanent, Fully-Funded Pandemic Response Team

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Establish a permanent and well-funded pandemic response team to quickly handle current and future outbreaks.

In order to ensure that the United States is adequately fighting against Coronavirus and future pandemics, our country needs a permanent and fully-funded pandemic response team. This is an expense that can save innumerable lives with its existence, and should have been something the country had in place already.

President Donald Trump’s administration dismantled the Obama-era pandemic response team, but it isn’t too late to reverse his earlier decision and rebuild. The pandemic response team should not be political, and should have the sole job of saving lives from this and future outbreaks. Sign our petition and demand that President Trump makes pandemic response a priority of his government for the future of the country.


Dear President Trump,

Your administration made a big mistake in dismantling President Obama’s pandemic response division, but it isn’t too late to reverse this misjudgment and potentially save American lives.

A pandemic response team needs to be a permanent and apolitical fixture of the United States government. Coronavirus isn’t the first pandemic our country has faced, and it probably won’t be the last. Work with Congress to ensure that the country’s future is in good hands when it comes to fighting contagions like COVID-19 with a fully-funded and permanent pandemic response division.


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  1. Our LUNATIC-IN-CHARGE has absolutely no idea how to handle this situation, and if he did, doesn’t want to have a solution occur; that’s why he continually appoints individuals to posts to which they are unqualified. If you can’t contribute to his pocketbook, then you are worthless.

  2. Jose Espino says:

    I dare anyone to find someone in the world who can handle this pandemic situation and produce a miracle immediate resolution. The reason Coronavirus has spread throughout the whole world is exactly why because it is an unprecedented, lethal, unknown organism never expected by mankind. I do will suggest our dear leaders to stop acting like kids, fighting each others and get down to business working together for a resolution. There will be plenty of time for fighting after this pandemic is taken care of.

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