Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death and Fed Rat Poison Deserve Justice

Target: DuPage County, Illinois State Attorney Robert Berlin

Goal: Give people harshest legal sentence for allegedly starving their dogs to death and forcing another dog to live inside a crate filled with blood and waste.

Andre Norris and Sarah Gorski allegedly starved three dogs to death and neglected another dog so badly, it was reported he was unable to walk when he was found. These people must receive the severest sentence the law will allow if they are found guilty, to better ensure they will not hurt or kill other animals.

One of the dogs reportedly starved was a German shepherd name Otis. Authorities said his body was only 20 pounds when he was found, which is grossly underweight for a full-grown German shepherd. Otis was also apparently fed rat poison and had canine parvovirus, both of which could have contributed to his death along with starvation. Authorities further learned that Norris and Gorski had owned at least two other dogs. Unfortunately, one of these dogs was allegedly trapped inside a rusty crate with urine, feces and blood at the residence. The dog’s skeletal structure was apparently visible, and the animal was allegedly unable to walk. Police further said that Norris and Gorski had wrapped up a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in a sheet and threw him in a field after he had died in March. Thankfully, the dog found in the crate was able to be rescued and is now recovering.

Dogs do not deserve this type of treatment. Sign this petition and demand these people receive the toughest legal sentence if it is found they abused their dogs in this disgusting manner.


Dear State Attorney Berlin,

Three dogs were allegedly starved to death, and one dog was reportedly neglected so badly he was unable to move when police found him. Andre Norris and Sarah Gorski are accused of this horrific animal abuse. They need to spend the maximum time behind bars if these accusations prove to be true, so that they will be less likely to harm more animals.

One dog reportedly not only starved to death, but he had also allegedly been fed rat poisoning by his owners. He was further said to be suffering from canine parvovirus before he died. Authorities stated that a third dog was crammed inside a rusty crate filled with blood, feces and urine at the suspect’s home. Another small dog apparently was tossed in a field after he died of starvation in March.

Although it is good news that one of the dogs was rescued, the other dogs in this case allegedly suffered to a great extent before they passed away in pain. We therefore demand that you suggest Norris and Gorski get the strictest legal sentence if they are found guilty of such thoughtless animal abuse and neglect.


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Photo Credit: Carl Adrian Barcelo

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  1. Give people harshest legal sentence for allegedly starving their dogs to death and forcing another dog to live inside a crate filled with blood and waste.

  2. No matter what species, animals feel the cruelty.

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