Stop Firing Workers Advocating for Safer Conditions During Pandemic

Target: Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon

Goal: Stop reportedly firing employees for protesting for safer working conditions during a pandemic.

At least six workers who have participated in protests advocating for safer working conditions have reportedly been fired during the pandemic. Several other workers, including drivers, warehouse employees and management have apparently received disciplinary write-ups for vocally supporting better conditions and attempts to unionize.

This comes as Amazon has received some of its highest profits to date. In the first three months of this year, their revenues topped 33 million dollars in one hour. Tim Bray, an Amazon vice-president, recently resigned in protest of Amazon’s apparent decision to fire workers advocating for better conditions. He said, “Remaining an Amazon VP would have meant, in effect, signing off on actions I despised.” Other members of corporate, including Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, were reportedly fired for organizing a virtual event for warehouse workers to speak with tech workers about working conditions.

This seemingly gross dismissal of workers rights must be stopped. Sign below to demand Amazon stop reportedly firing employees for advocating for better working conditions during a global pandemic.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

Your company and your vast profits rely on the employees who are risking their health everyday to come to work. Seeimingly firing them for protesting and asking for better working conditions, particularly during the spread of a global pandemic, is completely unacceptable.

Your employees are grossly undervalued and mistreated. I demand that you stop allegedly firing employees for advocating for better working conditions during the spread of Covid-19.


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  1. Jose Espino says:

    All big corporations are the same. Specially now with the covid where they have a list of thousand of applications from people waiting to work. Where is OSHA and other organizations when they are needed. The truth is huge, multi million dollars corporations like Amazon can get away with anything. It is a learning for young people out there to excel on their own by learning a trade that will make them wanted for what they know, for what they are and for what they can do on their own. Amazon is like many others today a 21st century slave driving industry.

  2. Jeff Bezos is a poster child for heads of billion dollar
    corporations who don’t give a damn for the workers that
    make them billionaires. They work in horrible conditions
    earning minimum wage just to barely survive. Bezos knows
    that there are many that will take the place of the ones
    that are fired. The man does not a heart or one speck of
    compassion. Evil exists and its name is Bezos.

  3. Mary F Harrington says:

    Those that have will will not let go. It’s called greed and one day they will meet their maker and guess what? They will get what they deserve

  4. Juan Canet says:

    Firing of these employees is reprisal. Isn’t that immoral? This is one of many reasons I boycott Amazon.

  5. Stop reportedly firing employees for protesting for safer working conditions during a pandemic.

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