Roosters Forced to Wear Razors and Fight Each Other Deserve Justice

Target: Alameda County Sheriff and Coroner Gregory J. Ahern

Goal: Find and arrest person responsible for setting up apparent cockfighting ring.

Hundreds of roosters were reportedly forced to fight each other in an organized cockfighting ring. Although police busted up the fight, the organizer of the event escaped and remains on the loose.

Police were called to the home after neighbors complained that a party was taking place during the COVID-19 lockdown. Officers said that fifty to sixty people were watching the birds fight when they arrived. Unfortunately, many people fled the scene, only 10 people were interviewed, and nobody was arrested for organizing the event. Police did reportedly find paraphernalia that is used in cockfighting rings, as well as 600 hens, chicks, roosters, and 200 eggs that had not yet hatched. Police also found some birds that had severe injuries apparently as a result of razor knives having been placed on the animals’ claws to make it so they are able to fight more fiercely. Birds are usually given amphetamines before a cockfight, which assures that the animals fight to the death.

Luckily, all the birds were rescued and are now being cared for by nonprofit groups. However, many birds were likely used and died in cockfights on the property if such events had been previously held there. Sign this petition and demand the person responsible for this cockfighting ring be found and prosecuted to help prevent other birds from being hurt or killed.


Dear Sheriff Ahern,

A reported cockfighting event was recently broken up at a local residence. Hundreds of birds were rescued, and it was thought that many roosters on the property were forced to fight in these rings to their death. The responsible party needs to be found and prosecuted so that other birds will be less likely to be used in these horrifying fights.

Although officers stated that there were fifty to sixty people at the event, many of the people were able to escape, and officers were not able to identify the likely culprit. Police did apparently find items that are usually used in cockfighting rings, though. They also found many birds that had many injuries on them, which appeared to come from razor knives that the roosters are forced to wear to help them fight more brutally. Sadly, birds in cockfights will usually ignore their injuries and fight to their death as a result of being given amphetamines before the fight begins.

While it is good news that police were able to rescue all the birds, many other birds may have likely died previously. For these reasons, we demand that you continue to search for the person responsible for holding this cruel event and that you suggest he or she be fully prosecuted to better ensure that other birds will not have to suffer and die.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Adam Cohn

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  1. If they want violence blood & death,,, throw themselves in the fucking ring…. DEAD SHITS EVIL SCUM

  2. Janet Garraghan says:

    The despicable, cruel, evil monster who organised this must not be allowed to get away with it! They must be punished to the fullest extent to the law! The only way to deal with the escalation of animal neglect, abuse, torture and murder is to punish the perpetrators properly! Letting them get away with it is encouraging it! Any authority who doesn’t act correctly is complicit in the crime! This is sickening and heartbreaking! I don’t understand how any normal person with an ounce of compassion could get any ‘enjoyment’ out of such a heinous activity! I despair of the human race, I truly do! If you find any of the warped morons who took part in it, they need to be punished too – and never allowed anywhere near animals again!

  3. Find these assholes who held the event…slice and dice them.
    Better yet, put them in a ring, wire razors to their hands and let them fight!
    If we are lucky maybe a few of them will die!

    Microscopic scum has more value than these people.

  4. Justin Recht says:

    Cowardly assholes with huge egos – I would like to see them fight with spores on their feels, hands tied back.

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