Protect Domestic Violence Victims Imprisoned in Lockdown With Abusers

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Provide emergency relief to victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence has become a destructive side effect of the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders. Home is supposed to represent a safe haven largely undisturbed by the dangers of the outside world. For millions of Americans, however, home symbolizes danger and despair. Abused women, children, and men feel more trapped and imprisoned than ever, literally locked up with abusers whose violence has seemingly escalated exponentially.

Cities and towns across the United States have reported spikes as much as 30 percent in domestic violence calls. Perhaps even more troubling are the areas where reported cases have gone down, which could signal the abuser’s’ isolation of his or her victim has cemented. Reports have emerged of abusers using coronavirus to instill greater fear into victims or using stress caused by the lockdowns as an excuse for outbursts of violence. The most vulnerable victims, children, face even greater risks because the escapes provided by school and extracurricular activities are largely absent. Further, the adults to whom these kids might normally turn for help (such as teachers) remain out of reach.

Sign the petition below to demand lawmakers acknowledge and respond to this hidden crisis by making domestic violence victim aid a priority in their next round of relief for Americans.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As governors and mayors rolled out countless shelter-in-place orders over the past few weeks, some took the time to make an important exception. These leaders recognized how actions meant to protect the public welfare might unintentionally put too many citizens in imminent danger. Victims of domestic violence were assured that they had the liberty to flee their living spaces when staying home meant endangering their lives more than leaving could.

The strong uptick in domestic violence predicted in the wake of stay-at-home orders has unfortunately, and in some cases tragically, come to pass. Victims of all ages and genders have endured this time in a veritable living hell, spending nearly every increasingly tense minute with volatile spouses, partners, and parents who have used manipulation and violence to exert ultimate control over their lives. These vulnerable citizens exemplify the term “emergency aid.”

Please help these victims become true survivors. Prioritize funding for the shelters, hotlines, and essential programs that are still fighting against an epidemic just as dangerous and deadly as COVID-19.


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Photo Credit: Concha García Hernández

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  1. Jose Espino says:

    OK Pelosi, do something worth it besides bitching about Trump.

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