Pregnant Stray Dog Reportedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Shri Gajendra Mohapatra, Director of Public Prosecution for Bhubaneswar, India

Goal: Punish the woman who allegedly beat a pregnant stray dog until she and her puppies died.

A pregnant dog was reportedly beaten to death with a rod in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Two of her puppies, though initially born alive, eventually died as well. Demand that those responsible are brought to justice.

“Justice for April.” These words have become a popular slogan and hashtag across social media platforms after a pregnant dog, named April by her rescuers, was reportedly brutally beaten. The Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra, an Indian rescue organization, came to April’s aid when she was reportedly found crying in pain and unable to lift herself from the ground. Witnesses claimed that a woman assaulted the poor dog mercilessly with a rod. April underwent surgery to repair her injuries and delivered two of her puppies before unfortunately dying. The puppies did not survive due to their premature birth.

A police report was filed by the rescue organization and an investigation is underway. However, the woman allegedly behind this assault still walks free. Sign below and demand that the person found responsible for this horrific cruelty receives the harshest punishment possible.


Dear Shri Mohapatra,

A pregnant stray dog and her puppies died horrifically when the mother was allegedly beaten with a rod. The dog, known as April, suffered injuries so severe that she could not even lift herself from the ground, per reports, and she cried out in pain. Veterinarians attempted surgery, but April was unable to recover. She delivered two of her puppies prior to her death and those puppies also died due to their premature birth.

Witnesses claimed that a publicly unidentified woman is responsible for this apparent animal cruelty. Police are investigating, but the reported perpetrator still walks free. I demand that you prosecute this person, once they are charged, and seek the maximum penalty possible if they are found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra-AWTE-Odisha

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  1. Linda Cummings says:

    You God damn ignorant barbarians created this immense suffering by not fixing your pets and then you heartless assholes adandone them to starve. As this was not enough injustice for these helpless trusting creatures you beat them to death!. You are some ignorant heartless soulless assholes.

    • Lisa Puchta says:

      Well said, so sick how ignorant morons dont fix the animals then they take it out on the animal if the animal gets pregnant. Human race is scum

  2. Enforce tough laws on animal cruelty. People that abuse animals must be punished and not allowed to keep an animal.

  3. Catherine Emerson says:

    Dirty filly scumbag. Just find her and let me into a room with her and see if she’s so biig then.I’d pulverise her. The bitch is responsible for the suffering of three beautiful babies. India is as bad as China for animal cruelty.

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    The majority of people in this country have no regard for animals and even
    attack people who try to feed and help strays. Fortunately, there are some
    compassionate citizens who are fighting to change to try to make changes.

  5. Sufurhally Aaliyah says:

    this is heart breaking

  6. Cindy richer says:

    What a truly evil Act, how can people be so cold blooded especially a woman

  7. There is a special place in hell for heartless people who abuse animals like this and I hope she suffers for eternity

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