Demand Chinese Zoo Stop Encouraging the Consumption of Zoo Animals

Target: Beijing Zoo

Goal: To demand that Beijing Zoo remove zoo animals from its restaurant menus

While some zoos are scrutinized for mistreating animals, most zoos strive to raise awareness and compassion for wild animals. Zoos are generally established in order to care for endangered animals and to educate the general public about these animals. Zoos hope to build tolerance and respect for animals in order to promote co-existence between human beings and animals.

Unfortunately, Beijing Zoo is doing little to promote tolerance and respect for animals. In fact, Beijing Zoo is doing the opposite by choosing to serve zoo animals on its menus. The zoo’s restaurant offers guests the option to eat “exotic” meals by providing them the option to eat the relatives of the animals on exhibit. While this already seems like a horrific act that contradicts the very mission of mosts zoos, Beijing Zoo has gone even further by providing signs on the animals’ cages that provide information on which parts of the animals are the tastiest and which parts of the animals can be used to make traditional Chinese medicine.

It is extremely irresponsible for a zoo to do something like this. This zoo is doing anything but promoting a love for animals and a desire to protect them. By allowing its guests to consume zoo animals, Beijing Zoo is encouraging the consumption of endangered animals and disrespect for animal life. China is already under constant criticism for its blatant disregard for animal welfare and its constant cases of animal cruelty. China is also seeing a rise in endangered species and yet nothing has been done to help protect these animals. Beijing Zoo is demonstrating that it is part of the problem and not the solution. Sign the petition below to demand that Beijing Zoo stop offering zoo animals on its menus.


Dear Beijing Zoo,

As a zoo, I find it absolutely appalling that you would offer to serve your zoo animals as an “exotic” meal to guests. This is extremely contradictory of a zoo’s mission. Until recently, you also provided signs on the animals’ cages providing information about which of the animals’ parts were the tastiest and which of the animals’ parts could be used in making traditional Chinese medicine. Instead of promoting respect for animals and educating the general public about the importance of these animals, you are encouraging the consumption of these animals; you are contributing to their further decline and potential extinction.

China already has a persistent problem when it comes to animal welfare and the preservation of endangered animals. Instead of helping find the solution to these problems, Beijing Zoo is a part of the problem. I am urging you to stop serving zoo animals on your menus and instead of educating the public about the “tastiest” parts of an animal, to educate them about the importance of preserving and protecting these animals.


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  1. A zoo that is a death camp for these beautiful animals.

  2. direction of bejingzoo,sir.
    never heared of zoo employee,and even not of the
    the mananger of the zoo,who let guest choose what
    s on their meal,by looking at the zoo/animals.
    we think we all must protest at aspca.

  3. This isn’t surprising that the Chinese would do this at a zoo since they will eat anything , including their pets. After the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese eat the seas and lands empty then what will they eat…..two legged mutton perhaps?

    • Julie van Niekerk says:

      China have a dish called “Rib soup”. It is from woman who are having an abortion at five months. I have all the photos to proof that.

  4. i always thought that most chinize people will learned
    to love their animals/pets.
    you know thousands and thousands of stolen animals,should be bought to vietnam,thailand,they were
    stolen by smuglers,and safed by chineze volunteers.
    so not all chineze people eat little animals.
    but the director of the zoo has to be punnished.
    i live in the netherlands,and it is impossible to eat
    one of your own sweethearts.

  5. Didi French says:

    I always find it so hard to deal with when discovering yet another horror story such as this one, telling us yet again another incident of horrific, barbaric traits in the human race. Our species is supposed to have evolved and become civilised, well that’s what they tell us, yet I find nothing remotely civilised in the breeding of magnificent, beautiful exotic animals as a food source.
    Shame on all of you who are involved in this depraved situation, your mentality in back in the dark ages, not the 21st century.
    Get educated, evolve and make the connection!
    “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.” – Thomas Edison

  6. SMH. Sad situation.

  7. So basically it’s a farm,
    humanity is sadly becoming sicker, we won’t realise how precious all life is till its gone, humans are having to pollinate their own food crops as there isn’t enough insects left to do the job..

  8. michelle colhoun says:

    China your barbaric treatment of animals is a reflection on who you are and you will never get any respect from the rest of the world that you now crave so much. Please start having animal welfare laws. Protect them.

  9. Cecily Colloby says:

    What the bloody hell is WRONG with the evil Chinese???? Can’t they do ANYTHING that doesn’t involve torturing, killing and eating animals???? Why don’t they start torturing and eating each other? That way we could be rid of a few of this vile race of sub humans…

  10. China, NOBODY likes you.
    This isn’t surprising, you eat anything that has a soul. Sick fuçks

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