Trump: Stop Blaming Obama for Your Own Incompetence

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Stop blaming President Obama for failings that have nothing to do with his presidency.

Donald Trump has been President of the United States for more than three years of his four-year term, and yet he is still blaming former President Obama for his own failings. This is childish and unproductive behavior that isn’t fitting for anyone who holds the Oval Office.

The President and his administration routinely show their ineptitude or lack of preparedness, and all of these problems can be traced back to decisions the administration itself made. In fact, especially when it comes to pandemic response, Trump has reversed Obama-era measures that would have had us better prepared to deal with the problem. President Obama was not perfect, but the idea that Trump can somehow blame Obama for any aspect of his current situation is laughable and immature. Sign our petition to tell President Trump to take some personal responsibility for his own failings.


Dear President Trump,

Believe it or not, every single one of your failings as President of the United States is entirely the fault of you and your administration. Not President Obama.

No one thinks Obama was the perfect president. As with all heads of state, he made mistakes. But to blame Obama for almost every one of your own blunders is childish and lacking in the maturity that it takes to be a good president.

If you still take your job seriously at all, learn to accept your own failings and own up to it when you do something wrong. We teach our children not to blame others when they do something bad. It is sad that we seem to have to teach our president, as well.


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Photo Credit: Jackson A. Lanier

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  1. Peggy Crowl says:

    That would be Obama that blamed Bush for 8 years! 8 Long years of the worst president this country has ever seen! Trump is trying to undue all the vile things that the American hating, muslim lovings 1/2 black lackey did to destroy America! TRUMP 2020!!! Needless to say, I’m NOT signing this petition!

    • Good. Neither did I. And you’re right, Barak Osama is our worst president ever. He’s a racist and a lying bastard.

      • Neville Bruce says:

        Regardless of arguing about Obama and points of opinion, may I ask if you believe Trump is an honest, truthful man?

        Again, given that you’re calling out racism, do you think Peggy Crowl’s use of “…1/2 black lackey…” is racist?

        Thank you. I’m sure you do lots of good work on here in other areas that we can both agree on, and I hope that we continue to put the planet first.

  2. Fuck you son of a bitching haters. President Trump is just fine. At least HE didn’t try to turn this into a stinking Muslim nation. But, Osama is very much a racist.

    The country is better off with out Osama and so much better WITH Trump.

    So, this one gets a comment; but no vote. TRUMP2020!!!

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