Stop Giving Coronavirus Aid Meant for Small Businesses to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Stop giving coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses to fossil fuel companies.

Fossil fuel companies have received at least 50 million dollars in coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses. Reportedly, some of the oil and mining firms receiving money have personal ties to President Trump.

According to The Guardian, 28 million dollars is going to three coal mining companies, despite that the scientific community has consistently warned against the use of coal in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. The other 22 million is going to oil and gas services, equipment providers, and other agencies that work with drillers and miners.

Melinda Pierce, the legislative director for the Sierra Club, said, “The federal money congress appropriated should be going to help small businesses and frontline workers struggling as a result of the pandemic, not the corporate polluters whose struggles are a result of failing business practices and existed long before Covid-19 entered the public lexicon.” Sign below to demand President Trump stop giving coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses to polluting fossil fuel companies.


Dear President Trump,

Taxpayer aid money is meant for small businesses and individuals struggling from the effects of Covid-19. Big corporations and energy giants should not be benefitting from the funds meant for mom-and-pop shops and generational family restaurants.

Paying oil and gas workers at the bottom of the chain could be beneficial, though it is likely the aid money will go to those at the top. It’s best if the money is saved for those who really need it. I demand that you stop giving aid money meant for small businesses to polluting fossil fuel companies.


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Photo Credit: Sebastian Schluter


  1. Linda Cummings says:

    Asshole trump has shoveled enough of our tax payer money to his filthy rich croonies in exchange for thier campaigne contributions.

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