Rescue Cat Allegedly Thrown Across Home on Zoom Video

Target: Thomas A. Ferrara, Solano County Sheriff/Coroner

Goal: Rescue cat that was reportedly thrown across home by former planning commissioner in front of colleagues during an online meeting.

Chris Platzer, a former planning commissioner for Vallejo, California, allegedly threw his cat across his home during an online Zoom meeting. This cat needs to be immediately removed from the home if this allegation is true to better ensure the animal will not be further harmed.

Platzer reportedly picked up his cat after the animal had been meowing repeatedly. He then allegedly said, “I’d like to introduce you to my cat,” before throwing the animal out of view. People taking part in the meeting stated that Platzer was also swearing and drinking liquor during the meeting. Platzer resigned shortly after the alleged incident took place.

The Humane Society of North Bay has received many requests for them to help the animal. However, the cat can only be removed by Sheriff’s Animal Control Services. Platzer is currently being investigated. A cat should never be treated in such a callous manner. Sign this petition to demand this cat be removed from the former planning commissioner’s home if it is found that he abused this animal in any way.


Dear Sheriff Ferrara,

Chris Platzer, a past planning commissioner, was recently accused of forcefully throwing his pet cat across his home during a Zoom meeting. The animal needs to be removed from Platzer’s home if it is found that this startling accusation is true.

Platzer allegedly grabbed the animal while the cat was meowing. He apparently showed the animal on camera and told meeting members that he wanted to introduce them to his cat. He then allegedly threw the cat. Platzer resigned the next day, and police are currently investigating.

People who abuse animals should not be allowed to have them. For the above reasons, we demand that you remove the cat from Platzer’s residence and make all efforts to find the animal a suitable home if it is found Platzer committed such a horrific act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Thomas Andreopoulos

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  1. Sheriff’s Animal Control service of North Bay – whats going on with this cat????
    I hope this cat is removed from Platzers home as soon as possible!! The cat is being abused and neglected!!

    PACT ACT passed as federal law 2019 states Platzer as an animal abuser – and be prosecuted for animal abuse/torture/neglect- prison time – fine – no longer allowed to gave animals as pets


  2. This poor cat must be seized and re-homed and as for this vile animal abusing bastard a minimum of 20 year prison sentence must be imposed.I dare this vile bastard animal abuser to meet me in real life! I have surprise ready and waiting and it is called payback!!!!!!!! Come on fw bastard I dare you!!!!!

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    If this cat is not removed immediately this moron will surely abuse it to death. Get this helpless trusting creature out of this assholes house NOW!

  4. Robert Ortiz says:

    When that idiot did what he did with that poor cat that just demonstrated that doesn’t love the cat and doesn’t want it while also confirming the cat is in a dangerous hostile environment. The only thing to do is remove the cat as soon as possible and punish Platzer.

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