Don’t Invade Outer Space for Water, Minerals, and Profit

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: End moon mining and other space privatization attempts that violate international law.

President Trump recently signed an executive order giving America unchecked access to the moon’s water and minerals. Apparently not content with exploiting Earth’s precious resources, the United States now wants to take its special brand of environmental degradation to outer space. Aside from the environmental implications of Trump’s moon mining scheme, the attempted American privatization and commercialization of space itself places a nation with an already-deteriorating global reputation at further odds with the rest of the world.

Fresh off a plan to allow the US to wage war in space, the president once again stepped all over international codes of conduct by asserting in the executive order that “the United States does not view space as a global commons.” A 1979 treaty signed by numerous countries recognized that no one nation has ownership of the solar system. The treaty called for international cooperation on non-scientific ventures related to the moon, Mars, and other celestial bodies. The US has consistently thumbed its nose at this global agreement. The latest action has raised tensions even more during a time when the planet’s nations should be cooperating most.

Moon mining prospects, like many environment-killing initiatives taken by this administration, would involve a poisonous mix of deregulation and greed-driven “partnerships” with unscrupulous corporations. Prior global efforts to keep the world’s oceans from falling victim to these same insidious forces have largely crumbled, with disastrous results felt more every passing year. We cannot let the same fate befall the last great untainted frontier.

Sign this petition to demand an end to American imperialism gone awry that threatens our world and far beyond.


Dear President Trump,

The Outer Space Treaty signed by this country over five decades ago represents a promise by all nations that space exploration will ultimately benefit humanity. Ravaging our closet connection to space to squeeze out every last drop of its resources is not in keeping with this spirit of global cooperation. Scouting locations for galactic big business or a lunar Trump Tower is not for the benefit of anyone but a privileged few.

Please do not inflict damage on our larger solar system that we cannot take back. Outer space is not the personal playground of the United States or any nation. The Moon Treaty, which the US has refused to sign for too long, affirms this ideal. You like to upend longstanding policies, so take a newer, better course by finally committing America to this important international agreement.

Show that the United States can still be a responsible, trusted ally and world leader during a time when this fellowship is needed more than ever.


[Your Name here]

Photo Credit: NASA

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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Is there NO place, on earth or in space, that this man will not go to exploit for profit? Unacceptable.

  2. The stupidity of some people who seem to actually believe the comments stated here is absolutely incredible. So trump is mining the moon, huh? Don’t you suppose we’d have heard something about it by now? How freaking stupid are you people???

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