Stop Beating and Threatening People for Seeking Out Food

Target: Edgar Lungu, President of Zambia

Goal: Stop Zambia police from enacting violence and threats against hungry citizens.

As a consequence of strict coronavirus lockdowns throughout Southern Africa, starving residents are being threatened, harassed, and beaten by the police for seeking out food. Zambia is one of those many countries, in which police were seen publicly beating anyone caught in public. “We hammer you, we hit you, then we do detention. If you escape, you are lucky,” says Esther Katongo, the spokeswoman for the police force.

Food shopping is one of few exceptions to the lockdown rules during the coronavirus crisis. Food is an essential, and provided they follow certain protocols people are permitted to enter food markets for supplies. However, the police are failing to recognize this; to them, seeing anyone in public during this time is a valid excuse to beat them. This is beyond unacceptable; not only is police brutality already too big of a problem in today’s world, but innocent people do not deserve to be beaten and harassed for trying not to starve to death.

People are calling for an end to this inexcusable behavior, and we must add our voices. Sign this petition to urge Zambia’s government to crack down on police violence and stop the harassment of innocent people trying to eat to stay alive.


Dear President Lungu,

Zambia is overcome with police brutality recently, as the police are hitting, detaining, and outright harassing any citizens caught shopping for food. Grocery shopping is one of the few exceptions to lockdown rules at the moment, due to food being an absolute necessity. People are simply trying to obtain enough to eat so they do not starve to death, but the police see this as a crime.

You must put a stop to this unnecessary and inexcusable behavior. People have the right to eat during the coronavirus crisis, they do not deserve to be treated like criminals for simply trying to survive. The police have no right to behave in such a way. You must immediately act to end police brutality so that people can shop for the food they need to survive in peace.


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Photo Credit: Chase Carter

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  1. There like anyone else they need to eat too. As long as they have some sort of face coverings then let and no fever.

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