Stop McConnell From Bankrupting and Killing More People for Sick Covid-19 Political Games

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Stop basing decisions about state aid on political bias.

The leader of the United States Senate is giving disgusting new life to the phrase “politics as usual” during one of the nation’s worst economic and public health crises. As states hit hard by COVID-19 practically beg for federal help, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell essentially said he would rather see these states go bankrupt than to provide “blue-state bailouts”….a direct reference to the states’ presumed Democrat party preferences. The GOP senator is apparently willing to gamble with Americans’ lives and punish them if they do not share his political affiliation.

McConnell’s cruel suggestion that battered states file for bankruptcy in place of federal aid drew intense criticism from Democratic and Republican governors alike. These leaders believe this crisis is no time to play political games. A tone-deaf McConnell only doubled down on this partisanship when he sent a message to donors with a headline about “blue states.”

Many of the targeted states are drivers of the American economy that add more money to federal coffers than they ever receive. States going bankrupt would not just prove disastrous for a national economy already on shaky ground, but the option is not even currently available to state governments. More importantly, denying these states help when they need it most could cause unimaginable hardship and death for people already experiencing enormous suffering.

Sign this petition to demand the sickening political pandering stop so the true healing can begin.


Dear Senator McConnell,

Red state, blue state, purple state….Senator, have you forgotten that you serve the UNITED States of America? Have you forgotten that every person in America lives under red, white, and blue? Your recent hyper-partisan comments concerning federal aid to states suggests that you have certainly forgotten every value for which American citizens have lived and died.

Let’s set aside the fact that a state’s number of COVID-19 cases has nothing to do with their color and everything to do with their large, dense populations and proximity to major international airports. Let’s set aside that bankrupting these states is extremely wrong-headed and not even legally possible. Let’s even set aside the immense contributions many of these states make to that “great” economy you treasured so much.

Just heed the words of New York Representative Max Rose, one representative of the people you are figuratively and literally telling to drop dead: “I want to take him to the police precincts in my district on Staten Island, in South Brooklyn to meet the cops, I want to take him to the firehouses, I want to take him to meet the nurses, I want to take him to meet the bus drivers, I want to take him to meet the sanitation workers — everybody who’s out there putting their neck on the line right now…and have him tell them to drop dead to their face.”

Senator, if you don’t want to take the representative up on his offer, then change course immediately. Apologize for your vile remarks and start showing “all” the American people empathy, integrity, and true leadership.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. WHAT A SHOCK!! POS in chief and Moscow Mitch.

  2. Stop Animal Abuse Shelly Blazich says:


  3. Nadine brundage says:

    Un American and disgraceful. We didn’t ask for this pandemic, punishing people for Getting this horrific virus is beyond evil.

  4. As usual the idiots on this site blame McConnell while ignoring the fact that it is PELOSI that is delaying funding and you’ll notice that she and her cohorts just closed down after saying publicly that it was too dangerous to continue to work in Washington. Do none of you people read past a first grade level? Do you even watch the news on tv?? There’s no reason for the stupidity level of this petition other than sheer ignorance by the left.

    • Listen you ARROGAT MORON, first the one who seems not to read past a first grade level is you stupid jerk!
      Secondly, both demoRATS and republicRATS are all in the same game. If there were a petition to denounce what you aunt Pelosi has done I will sign it too. Third, the is no F***in “left” in the United States. Read some history, And Fourth, if you get you “news” from the corporate owned media, you’re as ignorant or more than the people you are insulting here. So, F*** YOU!

    • Neville Bruce says:

      They delayed it to change it, though not very well, from immensely profiteering to somewhat more helpful. Still, at least she didn’t delay it to have her name printed on it.
      McConnell loves shutdowns, and he took absence, this time to boost a judge.
      All the rest – well, that’s just you, doing the jerk thing of accusation transference.
      Fox news is not news, it’s Trump’s toilet roll, but some seem to like that. Try watching truthful, not butt-kissing news.
      Ignorance by, not of – what grade did you get to?

  5. McConnell can see Russia from burgeoning account , he and his other greedy malicious cohorts .

  6. Like Master like Servant. Both stupid persons!!!

  7. Tracey Loyd says:

    This is business as usual for politicians.
    We need a better system than this two party, follow the leader game that is being played out all over the country by people that vote for a party instead of a candidate.
    This allows the two major parties to control the citizens in this country with said citizens full acceptance.
    If people REALLY want a change, really want things to be BETTER than this, all of us need to break away from the parties and start voting for candidates.
    It won’t be easy…this kind of thinking is discouraged by both parties with them spinning fantasies of awful things happening if folks break away from the current system. However that system which is our current political landscape is keeping all of us tied up in what they want instead of what we do.
    Politics as usual has destroyed our democracy. Who is willing to try and restore it?

  8. I agree 100% with Shelly Blazich!!!!!!

    Tell this loser and his boss to drink bleach and top it off with an injection of Lyso!!!!!! LOSERS!!!!!

  9. Syd Murillo says:

    There’s a special place in hell for corrupt politicians and people like Mitch McConnell, who have with no empathy, lie and defund programs or hold money from the less fortunate.

  10. Well, we can’t expect any humanity from Fascist pigs like Mitch and his boys! I hope that he will DIE soon. See if he can take all his money with him to HELL!!

  11. This POS needs to bow down and get out now!!! He’s no more than a greedy old f@!#!!!!

  12. Terri Manabe says:

    Moscow Mitch like his boyfriend FrankenTrump are both ignorant and could care less about the American people. The best thing that could happen with Moscow Mitch is for him to retire in the demented home of the ignorant along with FrakenTrump. We don’t need those good for nothings to be in charge of our country while all they’ve done in the last 4 years is make American people suffer, divided, and push lie after lie. The biggest miskate the 2 have made is when they stepped in shit on containing and keeping this virus from EXPLODING all over the United STates. So Moscow Mitch, needs to take a very long vacation in another country and leave America alone.

  13. Anonyomous says:

    No senator has been working for over a month, but they still get a paycheck. Americans are suffering and neither party really cares. All present politicians need to be relieved of their jobs and let the people gain control. I think we would do a heck of a better job. PELOSI NEEDS TO GO TOO!!! She’s just a disgrace!!!!

  14. Mitch has done more damage to our country than Trump and I didn’t think that was possible. Two sides of the same deadly coin.

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