Coca-Cola: Donate Water to Vulnerable Detroit Residents During Coronavirus

Target: James Quincey, Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola

Goal: Donate bottled water to Detroit residents whose water has been shut off during the coronavirus crisis.

Thousands of Detroit residents face dangerous water shutoffs while Coca-Cola is making millions bottling municipal water and selling it to the public at a significant mark-up. Water shutoffs pose a significant health risk during the spread of Covid-19 when hand-washing is essential.

Coca-Cola makes the popular brand, Dasani, at the Detroit plant by purchasing, treating, and bottling municipal water and then selling it at a higher cost. According to consumer advocates, the water supply that they rely on to sell their product, including infrastructure and processing, is paid for by local taxpayers and is subsidized by the public.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 2,800 homes in Detroit were estimated to have had their water shut off due to an inability to pay their bill. According to a Consumer Report’s analysis, Coca-Cola and other bottlers in Detroit have racked up tens of thousands of unpaid water bills for months, yet their water supply has never been shut off. Sign below to demand Coca-Cola donate water to Detroit residents who face shutoffs in order to protect them from Covid-19.


Dear Mr. Quincey,

While thousands of Detroit residents face water shutoffs during the spread of a pandemic, you are profiting off the same municipal water supply that comes from their tap.

You have a history of unpaid water bills, yet you have not been denied access to water. This situation is hardly fair. In order to protect Detroit residents from Covid-19, I demand that you donate water to those who face shutoffs.


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