Save Small Businesses From Imminent Collapse Due to Misappropriated Relief Funding

Target: Jovita Carranza, Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration

Goal: Deliver emergency relief funds to small businesses in most critical need.

After money meant to uplift America’s small businesses left millions of small business owners and employees out in the cold, Congress is taking another swing at safeguarding the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. Consensus has reportedly been reached on a new stimulus package that would provide billions more in emergency financial relief for small businesses. This essential aid cannot fall into the wrong hands once again.

The 350 billion dollars initially funneled into the Paycheck Protection Program ran out quickly, but not before a minimum of 75 companies with value exceeding 100 million dollars gobbled up a sizeable percentage of the funds. These publicly traded organizations are a far cry from the 50-or-less employees that typically signify a small business. The larger companies took advantage of previously existing relationships with the banks handing out the money to step to the front of the line. The banks themselves reaped in millions of dollars in transaction fees as a result. One shamed organization, the Shake Shack franchise, returned its 10 million- dollar windfall, but most organizations are holding tight to their cash. In a too-common refrain, the richest received a security blanket while the small businesses that fuel the American economy battle for their very survival.

Sign this petition to demand the overseer of this important program, the Small Business Administration, honors its title this time by ensuring small businesses receive the help they desperately need.


Dear Ms. Carranza,

The rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program was plagued with controversy, delays, and troubling favoritism toward organizations that do not even qualify as small businesses. Congress is set to add 310 billion dollars into the program via the Paycheck Protection Increase Act. Please act as more responsible stewards and advocates.

Despite a hard-fought battle to ensure funds for small businesses in the most disadvantaged communities, only a small slice of the additional funds are apparently guaranteed for this cause. This sum will in no way safeguard the millions of small business owners and employees who do not benefit from a high-income locale or a privileged relationship with a big bank. You must provide the oversight and the guidance critical for making sure these struggling businesses garner their fair share.

Small businesses built the United States, and now this country must protect the ultimate architects of the American Dream.


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Photo Credit: Small Business Administration

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