Demand More Funds for Working Class People During COVID-19 Pandemic

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Goal: Grant additional stimulus funds for regular Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small businesses and hospitals are getting the help they need in the form of loans from the latest stimulus package, but regular Americans are being left out of the latest deal. The $1200 that many Americans are still waiting to receive is not going to go far, and far too many are in desperate need of additional assistance.

Sign our petition and ask that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi advocate for more stimulus money for struggling Americans. This needs to be a priority, not an afterthought.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Congress has done a lot to make sure that businesses both big and small have access to the money they will need to stay afloat, but so far regular working class Americans have been left with only a one time payment that simply isn’t enough to last.

For most Americans, $1200 will disappear as quickly as it is received, as many are already behind on bills that add up to far, far more than $1200. Why are new stimulus bills being passed in Congress that don’t include aid for working people? It’s not enough to keep small businesses afloat with loans — families need money to keep food on their tables and roofs over their heads.

Don’t leave working class Americans behind in the next stimulus bill.


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Photo Credit: Erlend Bjørtvedt

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One Comment

  1. Jose Espino says:

    I dint sign this one either. Reason for, is the word DEMAND, it is out of place. Americans should be thankful for the stimulus checks we all already got and humbly ask the government for further assistance if it needs to be done. Must remember, the pandemic is not the government’s fault. Being so, the government doesn’t have to give anybody anything. America is being good to all and is responding to all of our needs in a time of trouble. We should be grateful and proud to have such system of government. I invite anyone who is not satisfied with how our leaders are handling this crisis to try other countries and leaders around the world and see if they can do any better. I am not Captain America, just someone who is grateful for what I got. It could be worst.

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