Pig Reportedly Shot in Face Four Times at Slaughterhouse Deserves Justice

Target: Martin Dooley, President of JBS USA Pork

Goal: Terminate slaughterhouse workers who allegedly shot an incapacitated pig four times in the head and face.

A pig suffered needlessly when slaughterhouse workers allegedly shot the animal four times in the head and face. The pig was already under control, per reports, and posed no threat or struggle. Demand that JBS USA Pork immediately terminate those who inflicted this apparent cruelty.

At Iowa’s Swift Pork Company’s slaughterhouse, one pig was reportedly shot four times in the head and face before being rendered unconscious. The pig sustained wounds an inch from the right eye, in the forehead, and at the base of an ear. During this time, the worker allegedly left to retrieve more bolt charges and allowed the pig to continue suffering.

This is an unacceptable way to treat an animal, even one intended for slaughter. Humane methods of slaughter are possible and those who do not follow them should not be tasked with taking innocent lives. Sign below and demand that the workers responsible for this apparently inhumane treatment are terminated at once.


Dear Mr. Dooley,

A pig apparently endured horrific suffering and cruelty at the hands of Swift Pork Company’s workers. Per reports, the pig was shot four times in the face and head before being rendered unconscious- an inch from the right eye, twice in the forehead, and once at the base of an ear.

Pigs are extremely intelligent creatures who are said to value their lives as intensely as humans. Slaughtering them is cruel enough, but they should never be made to suffer needlessly during their transition. I demand that any worker who is proven to not utilize humane methods of slaughter be terminated at once for the benefit of these innocent animals.


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  1. Gail Coates says:

    The cruel, stupid bastards. I’d love shoot the evil scum more than 4 times what they did to those poor pigs. I’d love put all slaughter men through what these poor animals go through. Nasty twats like them need destroying, not the poor animals. Wipe these cruel fuckers off the face of the earth. Waste of oxygen, spawn of Satan.

  2. So very sad and heartbreaking to read these stories about the sick individuals who mistreat innocent animals. They deserve the same treatment 💔!!

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    This freaking idiot needs to shot in the face. How can people be so cruel and callous to the innocent animals?? This is gross and unacceptable. Fire this monster immediately!

  4. JORGE LESCANO says:

    Death penalty for these sick bastards, justice for the dog!

  5. if you’re eating the necrotic flesh of these murdered animals, you are partly to blame for this. nothing on Earth is so vile as the human predator.

  6. Martin Dooley, President of JBS USA Pork – you need to pursue this vigorously. The world will not tolerate cruelty of any sort to animals. What sort of person are you, Mr Dooley? Prove you are humane and compassionate, not another money over morals man. Slaughtermen are mainly scum, so you know what sort of people you are employing. Most are psychopaths and domestic violence abusers, sadists and animal haters. What a great company you run …….

    It is high time that all animals get to live in peace on this planet and that every single human individual responsible for their pain and suffering is put to death.. slowly and painfully 😁

  8. If the pig isn’t suffering enough in that ugly, factory farm, he’s shot by the people who are suppose to look after him?? Shoot him and make sure he stays away from animals!!!

  9. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I’m a vegetarian – so thank God, I’m not party to such cruelty perpetuated by greedy animal farmers, abattoir owners and the psychos that they employ.

  10. Jose Espino says:

    Sick son of a bitch. Mr. Dooley probably doesn’t give a shit about this, but to authorities and other law enforcement agencies this guy is a potential and eminent danger to society. Today a pig,tomorrow a human. I would pull him off the streets, run him through a psychological evaluation and even if the law is weak enough not to charge him at least he will have a record so law enforcement agencies and potential future employers will know what they are dealing with. Just wait and see he will eventually screw up again. Just think about it for a minute, will a normal behavior person shoot a pig three times on the head with a shotgun?

  11. Julie Bates says:

    PIGS HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE OF A 5 yr old child…can u imagine the horror and pain this animal went through and also the other pigs onlooking….or any animal treated in such a shocking way….
    USA and Canada MUST PUT CAMERAS THROUGHOUT the slaughter sheds….JAIL TIME FOR THE OFFENDERS…..would he dare shoot his own KID ???? Fucker may he die of CANCER is my prayer ..

  12. Julie Bates says:

    Law enforcement agents JUST TURN THEIR HEADS AWAY…..FACT…all they care is that THEY have a job …and don’t want to make waves…FUCKING FACT….whether u want to hear it or not…

  13. So sad!😢Eye for an eye to the FK💩

  14. Janet Garraghan says:

    How this poor, poor pig must have suffered at the hands of this despicable, barbaric evil monster who clearly doesn’t care about anyone or anything else other than himself! He’s a danger to society! Selfish and heartless with no compassion in him! Punish him to the fullest extent of the law and don’t let him near another animal ever again! I despair of the human race! The world has to get a grip on animal cruelty, abuse, torture and murder! It’s abhorrent, horrific!

  15. I understand the people inside these poor excuse for farms are undercover, however, there are times they can step in as in this very case to save the poor pig from more torture. After the second shot, why didn’t the person step in and if in anyway could, get the pig out to see if it could have been saved? The worker obviously had no training in this mode of killing, so it wouldn’t have been a give away if the undercover agent rendered the worker incompetent? Surely not every farm hand has sadistic tendencies towards the animals, and feel angry that they continued watching such a brutal murder…!!

  16. steve farinelli says:

    Please do anything you can in your power to stop this from happening to another animal again. This is so horrible I can’t stop crying. I cannot understand how this can go on. It is horrible enough that these animals have to endure the fear the torture, the pain, the ending of their “lives” in a SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Imagine they are born and are like our children, they have feelings too, they learn too, they love their family members, too..imagine the SLAUGHTERHOUSE is their “life”. Then someone comes in and makes it even WORSE! To do this to ANY BEING and they don’t even know why, like that would help them bear this horror, and thinking about all this, can you live ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT PUTTING SOME KIND OF STOP TO THIS T O R T U R E?! I have vowed, and I dedicate my life to consuming no animal products AND showing as many others I can that this is the ONLY way to REALLY LIVE as an ETHICAL human being: WHICH IS FREE FROM HARMING ANY OTHER BEING IN THE WORLD! Please join so MANY OF US WHO ARE LIVING LIKE THIS WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE: A LIFE WITHOUT CAUSING FEAR AND PAIN AND TORTURE AND DEATH TO our FELLOW CREATURE, ANIMALS, HERE ON EARTH THAT WE SHARE WITH THEM. They SHARE THIS EARTH WITH US AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE AS WE DO. Please don’t go to bed tonite without doing the very least PUNISHING this “person” who did this to this PIG. This has to be done! We cannot let “people” like this think that it is acceptable-or just let go so people can keep their “jobs” THERE ARE LIVES AT STAKE LIVES. I will repeat LIFE! Please, I beg you, go and get this BASTARD! From the bottom of my heart, to you, go GET THIS SICK DERANGED EVIL “person”, get them away from NORMAL PEOPLE, like you and I and your children and your family-KEEP THIS SICK BASTARD AWAY FROM US! The only way to do this is to punish to the full extent of the law-locking them up and throwing away the key. Not only for that pig but for all other pigs suffering enough as it is but also to protect all others who may suffer at the hands of this EVIL BASTARD in the future-it happened once it very well probably will happen again. Do it, I urge you, get this MONSTER off our streets, out of our lives! Do it! THANK YOU! Peace and love to you, Steve Farinelli

  17. Justin Recht says:

    Bastard like him or alike should be hung upside down with their head stuck in an anthill until they expired.
    There should be protests outside their home(s) so that people know who lives next to them.

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