Save USPS from Privatization at the Hands of Big Corporations

Target: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Approve crucial emergency relief funds for endangered U.S. postal services.

In as little as three months, the United States Postal Service (USPS) could essentially go bankrupt, putting the rights of all Americans to correspond and make transactions by mail at risk. A bailout for this essential service was included in the most recent Congressional relief package, but the Trump Administration openly killed this effort and placed the USPS—which has seen a 50 percent drop in business in recent months—in even greater peril. The reason for this highly questionable dictate appears driven by pure politics and greed.

Much of the profit post offices generate derives from postage and package delivery services. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a large percentage of this revenue has evaporated. Without the funds initially promised in recent legislation, the USPS will lose out on billions in relief and modernization efforts. Over half a million employees will also lose their livelihoods. Perhaps worst of all, one of the most longstanding traditions of American culture could be auctioned piece by piece to the highest bidder.

Privatization of the postal service has remained a long-term goal of many politicians. In fact, just a couple of years ago the Trump Administration lobbied for a private corporate takeover of the USPS. In this case, corporate lobbyists and rich donors would be dictating all aspects of postal services. The head of the American Postal Workers Union laid out the likely outcome in simple, stark terms: “If the Post Office is privatized and sold off to private corporations, then who gets mail will depend on who we are, where we live, and how much it would cost.”

Sign this petition to demand these politicians not strip away an important right of the people in the name of corporate enrichment.


Dear Senator McConnell,

Whether by pigeons or ponies or motor vehicles, Americans have always cherished and sought ways to communicate with each other over long distances. For decades, the United States Postal Service has emblemized this need for connection. During rain, sleet, snow, and now pandemics, postal workers deliver letters and essential packages…from sorely needed payments to emergency test kits and medical supplies. The USPS has been there for America, and America must stand up for this institution in its hour of need.

The Department of the Treasury is promising loans to the USPS in place of the bailouts the department actively mulls for other industries…loans that are still long on promises and short on delivery. Privatization seems an obvious goal. You cannot let politics drive this vital service to a deliberate death. Do not summarily excise USPS relief funds from the next rescue package, as happened with the CARES Act.

Save the USPS. The American people deserve far better than to have their mail service hijacked by corporate greed and dirty politics.


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