Don’t Endanger Young Adults by Outlawing Sex Ed

Target: Tomasz Grodzki, Marshal of the Senate, Poland

Goal: Protect a young adult’s right to a complete education by not criminalizing the teaching of sexual education.

Sex ed may soon be criminalized in Poland, putting millions of young adults at risk and limiting their right to a complete education. Teachers, authors, and healthcare workers are all subject to this law, which could land them in jail for up to three years. Sign the petition to oppose this bill.

Known as the “Stop Pedophilia” bill, this legislation will make it illegal to teach lessons on sexual education, sexual health, or reproductive rights to minors. This would be one of the most restrictive anti-sex-ed laws in all of Europe. As other nations have shown us, censoring sex ed has made young adults more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases, become pregnant, or even face sexual harassment.

Conservative groups acquired 100,000 signatures to move this legislation into parliament; however, these voices are not the will of the people. Especially now that a pandemic prevents mass gatherings, those who oppose this bill cannot attend parliament to fight against it. The government is using a pandemic to push politics along. Demand that this bill be rejected.


Dear Senator Grodzki,

A new bill, known as the “Stop Pedophilia” bill, would make it illegal for teachers, healthcare workers, and authors to teach sexual education, sexual health, or reproductive rights to minors. They may face up to three years in jail. However, by censoring sex ed lessons, children are more likely to contract STDs, become pregnant, engage in risky behavior, and fall victim to sexual assault.

Your government is using the pandemic to prevent opposition. Such an important law should not be passed without the nation’s majority being heard. I demand that you reject this law.


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