Congress: Don’t Let Trump Take Emergency Power Too Far During Pandemic

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Goal: Keep Donald Trump’s power hunger in check during national emergency for pandemic.

President Donald Trump seems to think that because of the COVID-19 national emergency pandemic, it affords him far more power than it does. This is a dangerous road for the President to be walking, as he threatens the fabric of the country and the balance of power of our government.

The only way to ensure that President Trump doesn’t take more power than he needs is to make sure the Democratic opposition in control of the House of Representatives makes it clear that this isn’t acceptable. Sign our petition and tell Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that we won’t stand for a Trump power grab.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

The balance of power in our government and the very important checks and balances between the three branches are under severe threat because of President Trump’s delusions. He thinks that he has executive power that he simply doesn’t have because of the pandemic and the national emergency.

The only way the separation of power stays the way it should be is if your Democratic-led House of Representatives stands up to Trump and makes very clear that he won’t be stealing power that isn’t his under the pretense of the national emergency. Make sure that it’s clear to Trump that as much as he would like to be, he is no dictator, and won’t be allowed to destroy our country with a power grab.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Mary F Harrington says:

    Matt Lamour….You are calling on Nancy Pelosi for help?! She is a criminal. The only thing she wants to do is take freedom from the American citizens!. She does not know balance. You need a petition to have Pelosi arrested for treason. She is the one who is power hungry. get rid of all the stupid democratic sheep who only wants to ruin the country so socialism looks good to people that don’t know better. Mr. Lamour, you better be careful what you wish for. If you have kids, they will be the ones that will suffer the one party take over.

  2. Trump should be removed
    He’s nuts – Biden needs to take over as Democrat President

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