Stop University of Southern Mississippi from Testing on Animals

Target: University of Southern Mississippi

Goal: Stop allowing rabbits and hamsters to be eaten alive by ticks for the sake of research

A research facility at the University of Southern Mississippi has been allowing ticks to feast on rabbits and hamsters. This torture leads to a massive deterioration of health for the animals, and many have to be euthanized because of their injuries. The tick feedings become so extreme that many of the animals are effectively eaten alive.

The hamsters and rabbits suffer from rectal bleeding, ear discoloration, and holes in their ears. It has also been found that this treatment causes the animals to later suffer from anorexia and significant weight loss. The extreme discomfort that the animals suffer through is eventually put to an end when many of them are euthanized.

This type of behavior from a university is unacceptable. The level of abuse that these animals endure is cruel and unnecessary. The workers at the facility should know better than to let innocent animals suffer like this. The fact that the workers can sit back and watch this torture take place without doing anything about it is disgusting. Sign the petition below to demand that the university puts an end to this severe animal abuse.


Dear University of Southern Mississippi,

The University of Southern Mississippi is responsible for numerous cases of severe animal abuse, most of which have led to euthanasia. Using hamsters and rabbits as tick food for research purposes is a disgusting form of animal cruelty, and those responsible need to be held accountable for their actions.

The hamsters and rabbits used as food for ticks in research labs have suffered more than any living creature should ever suffer. They are left with holes in their ears, severe ear discoloration, and prolonged rectal bleeding. Many of them have to be euthanized at the end of their torture, and some are even eaten alive by the ticks.

These are hamsters and rabbits that could have been placed in loving homes as pets for families. They were never given an opportunity to live a full life and it is all because of the university. The lab workers allowed these animals to be eaten alive, and they did nothing to control the situation. They need to be held responsible for their actions. I ask that you please put an end to these research experiments so that no other animals will be eaten alive again.


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  1. ALL testing on animals must stop! This is the 21st century for crying out loud!

  2. samantha raftery says:

    I am saddened that one can remain totally immune to the suffering and agony of a living being used in these inhumane experiments. Indeed it is deeply troubling that “researchers” have somewhere along the line lost ethics and compassion for others and can actually stoop so low as to be indifferent to the pain and horror of most animal testing.
    If this sadistic behaviour were perpetrated on a human member, one would no doubt, and rightly so, be charged with a crime. However, an innocent victim is used against their will in horrific, sadistic experiments, a fact I find deeply troubling in members of the human species. It has been well documented that over reliance on animal experimentation not only hinders scientific progress but results typically can not be applied to humans. Humane non-animal research and testing usually is more accurate and efficient. Non violence by achieving high ethics in human societies should be the greatest goal of human evolution.
    “Those who experiment on animals should never be able to quiet their own conscience by telling themselves that these cruelties have a worthy aim.”

    –Albert Schweitzer, physician/Nobel Laureate.

  3. The effects of ticks and parasites have been known since the beginning of history. What kind of testing is this to find out what we already know, and what gives anybody the right to inflict such a horrible, slow and agonizing death sentence? This is civilization? The atrocities must end. All animals are living, feeling beings.

  4. This University of Southern Mississippi shows clearly that it does not earn the name of univesity, but more like Atrocversity. Such “research” is a shame to American universities. Stop such cruelty and turn to research something that is needed or go to other works where you do not harm living creatures. No money to such an univesity until it stops testin on animals!

  5. Yeah, we need to spend more money on these useless tests. It is amazing new information that ticks are blood suckers! We wouldn’t want to spend money feeding, medicating or finding homes for our living people and animals. Just keep up the useless work for nothing. Can anyone hear the sarcasm?

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