Stop Construction of Cancer-Causing Plastics Factory

Target: Dr. Chuck Carr Brown, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Withdraw permission for plastics companies to poison vulnerable residents of Louisiana.

Residents of a region nicknamed “Cancer Alley” in Louisiana could soon face even more grave threats to their health with the green light given to construct more dangerous plastics factories. Taiwanese plastics giant Formosa has been granted permission to dump more than 800 tons of pollution into the region’s atmosphere each year, increasing already abnormally high rates of cancers and other illnesses in the area. This permission was given by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), an agency charged with protecting the health of the state’s residents, not actively harming it.

The decision to allow the corporation to willfully endanger public health and violate public trust can’t be allowed. Sign the petition below to demand that the head of the LDEQ act in the interests of the people who rely on him, rather than those who offer profits alone.


Dear Dr. Brown,

Your decision to allow the construction of a lethally dangerous plastics plant, named “the Sunshine Project,” in southern Louisiana parishes is a shameful failure to meet your obligations to the people of your state. As head of the LDEQ, you must be aware of the terrible cost this will have for the health and wellbeing of Louisianans.

I demand that you withdraw permission for this factory’s construction. Plastics companies already have significant wealth. The people of your state only have their health once.


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Photo credit: Jim Bowen

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