Demand Climate-Saving Auto Emissions Regulations Be Restored

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Immediately restore crucial restrictions on cars and trucks that protect the environment and public health.

The Trump administration has announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will no longer enforce Obama era rules for car manufacturers, dealing a crushing blow to hopes of rational regulation in a lethally polluting industry. The rules had required a 5% annual increase of efficiency in emissions, consuming less fuel and emitting lower rates of pollution.

Now, with Trump’s shameful favor to the automotive companies, no penalties will be levied for dirtier, more dangerous, and less healthy cars. Manufacturers will now be able to evade any penalties for their pollution simply due to difficulties incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, with no oversight and no binding punishments for lying or evasion.

This is a grotesque abuse of public power, a crippling of the vitally important EPA, and a bald-faced insult to the millions of people worldwide whose health will suffer and who could benefit from the financial assistance being granted to already wealthy auto executives. It cannot be allowed to stand. Add your voice to those already gathered to fight this dangerous and irresponsible action.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Your cowardly move to allow automotive companies to deceive the American people and threaten their health may be one of the most shameful acts of a U.S. president in history. Your actions will directly contribute to thousands of deaths from pollution-related illnesses while stripping away any incentive auto manufacturers may have to abide by a responsibility to public safety and the wellbeing of the environment.

I demand you immediately undo this grotesque act of global vandalism and begin to show some measure of courage and decency to future generations and the people of the world.


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Photo credit: Ernst Halberstadt


  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Now is not the time to relax or do away with pollution standards! People’s health and well bing depends on strict standards.

  2. Down with Trump!!!!!!

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