Don’t Use Coronavirus Pandemic as Cover to Slash Pollution Laws

Target: Andrew R. Wheeler, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Don’t slash important environmental laws that protect human health during a global pandemic.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) slashed enforcement of environmental laws that require compliance with routine monitoring and reporting of pollution. Therefore, industry that fails to regulate or exceeds federal pollution limits will not be penalized. This comes during the spread of the Covid-19 virus that attacks the respiratory system and, in many cases, causes death.

This new policy will allow power plants, factories, and other large facilities to self-regulate and determine for themselves if they are meeting federal requirements. The only requirement is to claim these violations had something to do with Covid-19. This policy-change follows lobbying by the American Petroleum Institute, who asked the EPA to suspend rules requiring the repair of leaky equipment and the reporting of pollution.

Former EPA officials and environmental groups sent a letter to the EPA expressing their alarm. The letter states that “Excusing the potential release of excess toxic air pollutants and other pollution that exacerbates asthma, breathing difficulty and cardiovascular problems in the midst of a pandemic that can cause respiratory failure is irresponsible from a public health perspective.” Sign below to demand the EPA reverse their decision to slash necessary environmental regulation and instead prioritize human health during a global health crisis.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Slashing environmental regulation that requires industry to monitor and report pollution is essential to public health, especially during the global spread of a respiratory virus.

Thousands of American workers, such as grocery store attendants, maintenance techs, and firefighters are working to protect the public and maintain safety in this crisis, while risking exposure to the virus everyday because their jobs are deemed essential. Is protecting the public from toxic air pollution not essential?

In order to prioritize public health during this scary and uncertain time, I demand that you reverse your decision to relax environmental regulation and instead order pollution monitoring and reporting as essential.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Relaxing environmental regulations of pollutants that cause respiratory issues during a viral respiratory pandemic is insane and UNACCEPTABLE.

  2. Eva Langston says:

    Isn’t this just typical. Always putting special interest groups and profits before the health and wellbeing of the people and the environment. Another disgusting and misguided step by the EPA or more specifically, Wheeler.

  3. jiggabongo says:

    Does anyone with an IQ over 70 and that isn’t corrupt and evil think the stinking orange piece of shit cares about public health and the environment?

  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    Don’t slash important environmental laws that protect human health during a global pandemic. NO BRAINER!!

    Do not back track on any positive environmental advancement..small that it may be …as it will bring us back to step one!

  5. Justin Recht says:

    …and it is business as usual…
    Giving a damn about people and the environment – hard to change old & $$$ habits.

  6. Susan Fong says:

    Trump only cares about getting millions of dollars in campaign donations from the polluting fossil fuel and chemical industries. He does not care about the health of our planet and its inhabitants. In November 2020, we must defeat Trump and his anti-environment and anti-health agendas.

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