Stop Selling Public Lands for Fracking During the Covid-19 Crisis

Target: William Perry Pendley, Deputy Director, Policy and Programs, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Give Americans a say in the future of their environment by halting major policy development regarding public lands and resources during the Covid-19 crisis.

Major decisions involving the future of America are moving forward without the input of American voices. The United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is moving forward with plans to sell public lands for fracking, curtail environmental safeguards, adopt new policy for the management of public lands and resources, and authorize private development. This all requires participation from the public. However, environmental groups believe that Americans cannot adequately participate in the decision-making process due to the growing threat of the Covid-19 crisis.

In a letter to the BLM, environmental organization WildEarth Guardians highlighted that virtually all American lives have been severely disrupted due to Covid-19, which has prevented many people from engaging in the agency’s management of public lands and resources. The letter states, “State and local governments, small and large businesses, public land and resource users, educational institutions, fish and wildlife managers, and many more face serious disruption in their daily lives and there is no doubt that ability for all interest groups to weigh in on BLM management actions is currently severely constrained.”

The public’s participation in public lands and resources decision-making is essential to maintain the democratic process. In accordance with WildEarth Guardians, demand the BLM halt open public comment periods, planning processes, and major policy development until the threat of Covid-19 diminishes and Americans can adequately participate.


Dear Mr. Pendley,

Covid-19 has interrupted the lives of millions of Americans, preventing them from being able to adequately participate in decision-making around the public lands and resources that we all share and rely on for survival. It only makes sense to halt major development until the threat of Covid-19 diminishes and Americans can provide public comment.

Therefore, in accordance with WildEarth Guardians, I demand that you properly respond to the threat of Covid-19 by ceasing to sell public lands for fracking and halting open public comment periods, planning processes, and major policy development during this uncertain time.


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Photo Credit: United States Bureau of Land Management


  1. Idiots will do anything for a dollar. Typical government chrony.

  2. laura odonnell says:

    Selling public land for fracking, or any reason, is reprehensible. There is no need for this. Stop grubbing for money. Do the right thing, be responsible, stop thinking of only yourselves. Save the land. Preserve fauna and flora. Regulate people’s selfish behavior, starting with yourself and your abuse of powers. We already are a rich country, any more is greed, and at the cost of life itself. I am ashamed to be human when I see this behavior. I am saddened to an infinite degree to see this needless, selfish destruction for no good reason. Stop behaving like a monster. Stop being a monster.

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